minecraft tales ep. 1

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MINECRAFT TALES episode 1: the neverending river

first things first, my minecraft tales blogs are going to be short stories by 123carter. have fun reading them! (THESE STORIES ARE ALL TRUE)

one day, me and my freind nate were bored, so we had a sleepover at my house. we went onto dylwells's NON PUBLIC (dont ask for the ip) server. we got bored after about ten minutes, so nate found a small river and  started to make a boat challange. I, after a little while, asked what he was doing and he showed me the challange so far. however, once we got to the end of the challange (so far), there was still more river ahed, so me and nate headed out into unknown waters...
after a while we found an area that went and opened up into a giant lake and we thought that was the end so we put a finish line there ..to tell others " this is it, you won! nothing else ahead! " little did we know there was FAR more ahead. as we bagan to explore the lake, on the exact opposite side there was a little tiny cove where a mountan went over a little bit of the river. me and nate decided we were not done yet, so we blew a giant hole all the way through the mountain. once we did we filled it with water using worldedit. then we found on the other side of the mountain... MORE RIVER!!! we then continued the river challange. after another HUGE strech of river that went through a jungle, a mountain biome, and a desert, we found a jungle lake... can you guess what was in the lake? A RIVER. as the river continued we started to get tired, and went to bed. the next morning when we woke up we got right back onto our famous challange, and showed all our freinds.and when we next worked on our river some more, it was finally over. the next river lead into a swamp that only lead out to sea. it ws the end to our adventure... AND THEN THE SERVER RESTARTED.

well guys i hope you enjoyed, please favorite or subscribe to dylwells for more blogs like this! tell me in the comments my spelling errors or if you liked it and want more, and ill see you next time... kinda... cuz. its a blog :P

06/07/2014 7:27 pm
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This was very hard to write because my period key is stuck down!
07/07/2014 10:30 pm
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