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Minecraft Vinyl Records irl (This could bring me back)

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avatar En Dabuwya
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As many of you might know, I haven't been active on Planet Minecraft for quite some time, nor have I been keeping my skins/texture pack/patchs up to date. Well, today I'm going to present to you a project that I am so very excited about. And if I reach my goal, it could bring me back to PM, working on my texture pack (and possibly creating more), skins etc. I recently found out that Vinyl Records starting booming and growing on the market since 2008, so I had an idea. It's an idea I've had before, but now I'm implementing it. Minecraft Vinyl Records... in real life... with specialised record labels to match the track that you choose for your record (same colour schemes as in-game), and custom designed jackets by a terrific artist to suit the musical choice. You can find everything here. Sharing it with friends/family/acquaintances/internet audiences is very much appreciated. Now I'm going to put the Indiegogo description below. I'll add new pictures as new stuff surfaces.

Hi, my Name's Nick. I've been an avid fan of Minecraft since somewhere in the early Beta stages. I've always had a flair for creative ideas but unfortunately haven't had the resources to bring these ideas to fruition in the past. But now I can.

The Basic Concept is taking the tracks from Minecraft Music Discs, and putting them on 10" vinyl records. I even have an artist (and a good friend of mine) working on artwork for the jackets. The stickers in the center will match the in-game music discs.

$10,000 may seem like quit a bit for such a small project, but the majority of that money goes towards manufacturing, shipping, indiegogo commission, design. There's a heap of factors that come into account. And to be quite honest, it's actually probably not possible to get it this cheap for no effort, let alone with the jacket artwork as that is an exclusive feature.

The small profit from the funds are actually going to go towards my personal costs until I can set up an Etsy store and start generating a consistant cash-flow, and a fair slice to my brilliant artist.

So we have a range of Perks that come with helping out.
  • Pin-Back Buttons

I've always liked pin-back buttons and I think they're a smaller way of being able to give back to the wonderful community at indiegogo
  • Keyrings/Keychains

My brother has been a collector of Keyrings (or Keychains as I'm told they're called in other countries) since he was a small child and this feels like a bit of a tribute to him. Not to mention of course that Keyrings are awesome.
  • Records

Luckily, the majority of the tracks are less than 5:00, so they can be put on more cost-effective 7" records, but unfortunately, "blocks" goes for 5:45, and so needs to be put on a 10" LP Record.
  • Other Stuff

I'd love to be able to offer any other Perks relating to Minecraft Music Discs, if you have any suggestions or requests, I would be happy to take a look at them.

After this project, I'll be putting all of the products up on Etsy at a fairly increased price, so be sure to get them before that happens.

If you can't help monetarially, but you still want to help us reach our goal, tell your friends about us, tell your family about us; Heck, if you have any form of public audience, tell them about us. For every $10 that a person you reffer pledges, I will give you $1 worth of a reward. For example, if someone you reffers pledges $50, I'll give you a free pin-back button. You can also stack up these rewards for more valuable rewards if you so desire. Also, these rewards will continue even after this project is over as all the products will be going up on Etsy.
CreditNathan Pride

04/26/2013 6:36 pm
Level 41 : Master Taco
sounds like a great idea, but i dont have any money
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