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Level 16 : Journeyman Miner
Hey Guys,
Im TheRoyalGorilla and this is my run down of my favourite Minecraft Xbox 360 Seeds!

1. "SnD Hesitant"

North-west of the spawn, you'll find a massive pit containing two exposed dungeons and an absolute pile of diamonds.

2. "Dead Mau5"

A good choice if you're fond of dramatic, implausible overhangs, flying mountains and waterfalls. There's also a Skeleton Dungeon buried hereabouts which contains saddles, Moss Stone, Redstone, iron and buckets.

3. "AndrewIsGREAT"

Coughs up a massive, mountainous, heavily forested continent containing massive cave systems, lava flows and a fair few waterfalls. This one's a reliable source of clay, with upwards of twelve stacks to unearth. Watch out for a massive desert to the west.

4. "beagle bagle"

If you're in no hurry to explore, and you're fond of vertigo, this world's preponderance of cliff formations and trees should amuse.

5. "Quesadila"

Need bonemeal for fertiliser and clothing dyes? Don't mind a bit of additional risk? This world pops two monster spawners on the surface for easy drop grinding - one produces skellingtons, the other zombies.

6. "10110101"

Another solid pick for the spectacle-minded, whipping stone and earth into enormous overhangs which shelter treasure-filled dungeons.

7. "worstseedever"

Not actually the worst seed ever, though it seems a little unambitious. You'll find a dungeon right by the spawn which is stuffed with gold and diamonds.

8. "Diamonds, diamonds everywhere!"

A floating mountain. A surface-level zombie dungeon. A huge lava flow. We've yet to find those diamonds, however.

9. "Hillybilly"

This one spawns you on a mountain that reaches above the clouds. Most of the world's peaks are covered with snow. Shame we can't manufacture skis and sledges, 4J, though a saddled pig might cut the mustard.

10. "icba"

Plenty of flat land to build on, and a forking tunnel. Take the left branch to find a drop-off, which leads down to a golden apple.

11. "420"

A crescent-shaped continent which puts us in mind of Battlefield's Wake Island map. Expect a healthy variety of terrain types, including deep water, ice lakes and beaches.

12. "In the Nether"

Some pleasant hilliness on the surface, but you'll find the Nether a bit of a struggle - it's one big ocean of lava. Keep an eye peeled for broiling Ghasts.

13. "MODDED"

If you like caves, this should amuse. There's only one cave, but it's humongous enough to store a castle in with room left over for a country villa. Build us a cave castle, why don't you.

14. "Wolf"

One for your inner Abominable Snowman, a wasteland of frost. When they get round to adding Golems to Minecraft, I plan to rule this one like a cuboid Batman's Penguin.

15. "monkey"

Like sand? Like cacti? Like them to the exclusion of all other forms of matter, animate or inanimate? Look no further.

For more from me, TheRoyalGorilla, check out my Youtube channel!


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