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Minecraftian Myths and Legends: The Creation of the Horse

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Hello, Trident here, with another Minecraftian Myth! This one is about the creation of the Horse, the lil mob released in 1.6. Thanks so much for the support guys! :D Please diamond, comment, favorite, and subscribe!!
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2.The Quest of Vechz

So, the OP of Music, Avery, and another OP of music, Ashton, always argued who was the best. Avery was higher-rank in the OP society, so he made it clear who was best. Ashton, was lower-rank, and there was not much he could do, but try to argue against it. Both OPs despised each other, and tried to ruin each others things.
One day, Ashton made a brand new instrument, the Kavooska, and Avery was jealous. Avery sent one of his Moderators to glean the instrument from Ashton's hands. When Ashton left for a meeting, the Moderators snuck in, and grabbed the Kavooska, then ran off.
That evening, when Ashton returned, he knew at once what had occurred. Enraged, he vowed revenge. He conferred with his colleagues of the situation. Devin, the OP of war, demanded he march into Avery's palace and rip the smile off his face. Madison, the OP of Architecture, suggested he blow up Avery's palace. Harold, the OP of mischief, suggested he prank Avery, big-time. Merlin, the OP of Mages, suggested him to re-steal his instrument, and blast Avery to the end of the world.
Ashton followed Madison's instructions. One fine autumn day, Avery left his palace to play with other OPs, in the meadows. Ashton sent a few moderators, where they re-took his instrument, and blew the palace up. Immediately, the Aether was filled with mayhem. ArchAngels scoured the scene, looking for a suspect. Finally, an extremely professional ArchAngel, discovered the culprit to be Alex, one of Ashton's mods.
Immediately, Avery accused Ashton of blowing his palace up, and even taking an instrument he had worked on so long, to make. All evidence pointed to Ashton, and even Alex confessed he was sicced by Ashton to blow the house. The Head-OP, Mordred, sentenced Ashton to a decade in the Void.
When Ashton came back, he sought revenge yet again, when he had left, his house, too, had been blown to bits. And the culprit was Avery, but Avery had every right to. So, with the advice of Melissa, the OP of wisdom, he tricked Avery to head to the overworld, where two of his admins trapped him in a net of gold.
Avery could not prove who had trapped him, but he knew whoever did, was associated with Ashton. He, too, sought revenge, yet again. This time, he tricked Ashton into embarrassing himself in front of the whole court.
As you can see, they have been always out to destroy each other. Mordred, the Head-OP, decided them to challenge each other to a contest, to compete who would be the better musician. They chose Mark, the King of Caer Benwirch, to be their judge.
Avery rocked the Kemotoon, and Ashton played the Avrikon. At the end, Mark decided Ashton was the winner, for he played much richer music. Avery, enraged, cursed the King, "Why, if you think Ashton is better, you must have the ears of a-a donkey!" Thus, cursing King Mark to a set of donkey ears.(At this time, a donkey was considered just a animal, totally different from the ones today.)
As generations passed, King Mark's family mutated with other donkeys, and came the donkeys we have today. From there, the donkeys mutated, yet again, into mules, then yet again, into horses. Now you know, how horses were formed.
CreditGreek Myths, King Midas, Roman Myths, all my supporters :D
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