Minecraftian Myths and Legends:The Quest of Vechz part 1

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Herrow, Trident here, this is the second myth of the Minecraftian Myths and Legends Series. You can find the first myth here. This particular myth/legend is about Vechz, and his quest for the Staff of Creation. Despite his evil status, he had to overcome many, to bring the Staff back to his evil master, Herobrine. Remember to diamond, favorite, comment, and subscribe :D.
Vechz was a greatly disliked king of the overworld. He ruled in his palace, the Palace of Night, in Caer Nyx. Caer Nyx stretched from the Sea of Herrock, to the Carrin River. He enjoyed punishing people for crimes, and when no one had done wrong, he made new rules, so the gallows kept working. Vechz was a cruel man indeed.
One day when he was young, his Liege, Herobrine, told him he desperately needed the Staff of Creation, a power staff filled with the Powers of Creation, the super-natural Force. It was in the hands of the Creator, Notch. Vechz sneered with glee. He would succeed, he, the 14 year old king of Caer Nyx. After appointing Morgan as temporary King, and making sure Morgan was no Mordred, he took his best weapons, and set off on quite a journey. He rode his valiant horse, Avor, on the road to Caer Avalon, where he would ask of Caer Aether.
Enemy knights would challenge him daily, but he smote them all, and no monsters dared bother him, for fear of Herobrine's wrath. Young Vechz rode through the gates of Avalon, where he asked a fay of the Aether.
"Evil little boy! Don't you dare go looking for the Aether, with those evil intentions in heart! Get lost!" she shrieked.
Dissapointed, Vechz galloped off. Fay after Fay he asked, when finally he gave up, and went to an Inn to rest.
"Seeking the Aether, aren't you, my boy?"a raspy voice spoke.
"I've heard about your fruitless survey, you've asked the wrong people."
"You know where the Aether is?"
"Yes, my boy, I am a fey."
Vechz shuddered.
"And I have learned, that you, will become more powerful than a fay, a sorcerer."
"Me? A sorcerer?!"
"Yes, my lad, as my days are coming to an end, the oracle has told me to tell you the location."
"Don't be ecstatic, hard times lie before you, now, seek the Mage of the Arrow, in the land of the Arroways, the arrow shall show you the way."
With that, a glowing blue arrow shot out of the alley, zooming across the streets. Vechz followed it in anticipation, for many days. Finally, exhausted, he arrived at the land of the Arroways, and he trekked up a mountain to see the Mage.
"Enter."boomed a voice, as he had reached the edge of a cavern.
Cautiously, he stepped into the cave. The Voice bellowed with laughter.
The cavern shook and shook, stalactites falling from the ceiling. Vechz stumbled, shocked and scared. The floor shuddered and gave away. Vechz screamed and grasped for a handhold. Nothing. Vechz went plummeting down into the depths.
Suddenly, Vechz stopped in mid-air.
"MWAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAAA!!!" the Voice bellowed.
"Show yourself and FIGHT!"Vechz yelled back.
The air shimmered, and a mage appeared.
"T-then, the fay in the alley?!"
"HA! THERE WAS NO FAY!" the mage chuckled, then spoke in the voice of the fay.
"Yes, my boy, I am a fey."
In his regular voice:"Tis so easy to trick you YOUNGSTERS!!"
Vechz seethed in rage, and threw his sword at him. It passed right through.
Vechz scowled, how to defeat this guy?
"Everyone has an Achilles heel!"
"Pah! For mortals! I am the MAGE of Arroway!"
"Arroway's a terrible name? Who thought of that?!!!"
The mage scowled, "Stop it, you're messing with my status!"
Vechz smiled, he had found the weakness.
"Oh yeah? I bet the place is called that, because it's for lousy people who can't even use swords!!"
"WHAT?!" the mage howled.
"And people who can't even shoot! They need enchanted arrows!!!"
"Prove it!" Vechz snarled.
The mage scowled, "I will, on YOU!!!"
"Pah, my skills are better than yours!!!"
"Let's test it out, no magic, and let my sword hit you!"
"FINE!" Vechz smiled.
A few minutes later, they had a sparring match. Vechz charged with his sword, then faked, slamming the mage against the wall.
"AGHHH!" the mage wailed. Vechz raised his sword for the kill, some people, were too dumb, he thought.
He stabbed.
"INCANTRARE: AYMON DEY VILASCOS!!!!!!"the mage wailed, as he died.
"Hah!" Vechz roared, satisfied, he ran outside, and leaped onto his horse.
Suddenly, a roar shook the canyon. All the mounds of arrows flew to the air. (incantrare:aymon dey vilascos=incantation: volley of arrows)
Vechz spurred his horse, and they flew off. The arrows sped after them, true to the incantation. On instinct, Vechz raised his sword for protection. Several arrows bounced off, but the storm was too powerful. Within seconds, Vechz was shot off his horse, his sword dead, and he, lying in his own pool of blood.
He screamed in pain and terror, and collapsed on the ground. (AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND, CONJUNCTION ABUSE!!! CALL 911!!! xP)
When he came to, he was still in his pool, somehow still surviving. He screamed some more, as he pulled out the arrows, growing the pool. (Btw, regular humans would be DEAD, but Herobrine is remotely helping him, and the Fates will NOT let him die, YET.)
He staggered up, then collapsed, too weak to stand. He needed energy. Vechz prayed to Herobrine, begging for energy, to resume his journey. Within minutes, his prayer was answered. Vechz stood up, full of energy, he whistled for a new horse, hopped on, and rode back to Avalon.
For awhile, he asked more fays, when Herobrine told him to return to Arroway, he had lost something in his haste! In a few hours, he arrived back at Arroway, and found a scroll, hidden in cavern.
Part 2:
He gingerly opened the scroll. On it, he could make out the words, “Aether Portal” then, a carefully drawn map, leading him to the Isles of Blest. Quickly, Vechz pocketed the map, then rode off towards the Isles. For many hours he traveled, heading over hills, plains, mountains, and even U, ouch that must of hurt. (jk, he didn’t ride over you xD)
More knights challenged him, but he downed them all. Finally, after many days had passed, Vechz rode past the IsenBlest Bridge, and arrived on the Isles of the Blest.
He remembered, it was a sneak journey now, if one of the guards caught him in the Aether, he shuddered at that thought. Vechz dismounted and crept towards a tall mountain, with a shimmery light at the top. Slowly, he took out the invisibility charm Herobrine had awarded him.
"Men Avwa" he whispered, and a cloak of darkness surrounded him. At the top, he found a shimmery portal, and two sleeping mages. Most of Notch's court was asleep, he thought. Vechz stepped into the portal. The sensation was hard to describe, he felt as if his body was being ripped apart. Finally, he stepped into the Aether dimension, where two awake mages stared blankly at where he was, the enchantment was holding well.
Swiftly, he brushed his cloak, and swept down the path, onto the Green Hills of Heaven. Vechz traveled up to a mountain, where he saw Notch's Palace, high in the sky. Sneakily, but quickly, he climbed up the mountain, freezing once in awhile when an angel looked at his position. The Angels could not be fooled, they could tell there was a Disturbance in the air, but, they were somewhat asleep, as most of what Notch's court was subject to. Finally, he crept into the Grand Hall, where the ArchAngels stared blankly at his location, unable to focus completely. Luckily, the more powerful ones, like the Head-ArchAngel, were all asleep, in dreamland.
Vechz inched his way up to the throne, and slipped the staff into his cloak, right from Notch's hands. The cloak could not conceal all the power. Notch and his court stirred, and the ArchAngels focused, and homed in on him, preparing to strike. Vechz raised the Staff of Creation, and shouted, "SLEEP FOR CENTURIES!!! SLEEP!!!!!!" the ArchAngels snarled and lunged, right when the staff's powers kicked in. The effect was magical, lunging Angels promptly fell on the floor, snuggling up against the beams.
Vechz laughed silently, and crept out of the hall. Now, everyone in the dimension was completely asleep, except for him. This time, he ran as fast as he could, down to the portal, and he dashed outside, where the mages confronted him.
"SLEEP!!!" he bellowed. And the mages did, snuggling against the portal. Once again, laughing silently, he threw himself onto his mount, and rode off, ready to give his prize to his master, Herobrine.
CreditAll my subscribers, all my commenters, all the diamonders, everyone who has encouraged me :D

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I see you took a long time to write this, and put a lot of hard work in it. Diamond, fav and sub for you!


1) Try to use a thesaurus more, in the start of the blog you said "rules", although it would have sounded better if you used "laws".
2) Try to make you thumbnail pics more relative to the actual blog. I see nothing related to miners in the blog.


Also, you got a view as well as diamond, fav, sub and comments XD
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ty xD :) k, but the miner, is Vechz skin :D
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Oh that makes sense :D Again, nice post :D
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:D :)
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You reply fast :D
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:D not all the time tho xD
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