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Minedea: Multi-Player Decapitation

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avatar Bert_g6
Level 42 : Master Herobrine
Hello everybody! Here's my Minedea! So, lets say your on a server, in PvP, your doing really good, then your greatest foe comes out to fight. You two battle it out, to see who is better. After battling, you win, and not only do you get the pride of now owning his gear, but you got lucky and aquired his head as well. Yes your enemy's head, his skin on it, and the item's name is *******'s Head. You then get to mount it in your base, for all to see your great victory! There should be about a 1/10, or 1/50 chance of getting another players head when you kill them. You don't just get your enemy's, but a collection of noob heads as well. Well that's about it. Thanks! -Bert_g6
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