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[New! Dream Dimension, Treasure Slimes, Insects!] MINEDEAS - Items, Mobs, Biomes, Enchantments and More!

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When you right click a flower with bone meal, it will turn into a giant flower, similar to a giant mushroom.
This special type of mob is found in jungles at night. They can be released when you punch a leaf or you can find them naturally. They are the size of silverfish and act in similar ways.
These insects are found when you break a beehive, a block that spawns in jungles. They fly like bats, but when one is hit, all swarm in. When you destroy their beehive, they get angered. They drop stingers.
Wasps are similar to bees and spawn in jungles as well, but are poisonous and faster.
The dream dimension is a magic land filled with mysterious mobs. To get there, you must wear a Dream Cap and go to sleep. (Dream caps are crafted like helmets but with glowstone in the center and blaze powder elsewhere.
The dream dimension is a world of eternal sunset, and the common blocks are Mystic Bricks, Mystone, and Cloudstone/Cloud that form magical floating formations.
There are 5 mods in the Dream dimension -
1. Twilight Crow - A medium sized purple bird, when aggroed, will shoot feathers that cause blindness for 4 seconds.
2. Dawn Dragon - A large flying creature that, when aggroed, will shoot a fireball that causes nausea for 5 seconds.
3. Dusk Mage - A purple cloaked mage that can heal itself and shoot 5 arrows at a time.
4. Night Knight - A black warrior that is aggressive. He will occasionally charge at you during battle.
5. Midnight - A boss found in a Nightmare Castle [Nightmare castles are as rare as strongholds.] the Midnight is a large blaze-like being that can shoot purple fireballs that cause blindness and poison, or blindness and wither. He can be defeated by reflecting his projectiles or simply through melee and ranged weapons.
Treasure slimes spawn in swamp and slime biomes, as well as superflat. They are quite rare, and inside them contains a piece of treasure! Killing it will 100% drop treasure. The slimes do not separate when the bigger form is killed.
Note - The higher the rarity, the more the HP and stronger damage.
Clay 1 Gray
Nether Wart 2 Maroon
Redstone 3 Pink
Gold 6 Yellow
Golden Apple 6 Yellow
Ender Pearl 7 Dark Green
Diamond 7 Cyan
Blaze Rod 7 Orange w/ Fire Particles
Emerald 8 Bright Green
Nether Quartz 8 Gray/White
OP Golden Apple 8 Glowing Gold
Eye of Ender 9 Purple w/ Ender-Particles
OP Golden Apple 10 Glowing Gold
Nether Star 10 Glowing white

Cursing tables are similar to enchantment tables but they are cursed with a certain effect. To craft a cursing table, you must replace the diamonds with ender eyes and replace the obsidian with soul sand. You may curse weapons, armor, and items. Curses will be good to your opponent and yourself.
Sword - Backfire - Each hit does damage to you also, but hits do 1.5x damage.

Inferno - Set fire to you and enemy.
Eruption - creates explosion that damages you and enemy, destroys no blocks.
Armor - Return - Damage that is supposed to be removed from you is inflicted to you and your opponent.
Corruption - Both recieve wither effect unless the mob is a wither skeleton/boss.


-Sticky Block - crafted with slimeballs in a 2x2 formation, all things stick to it just like a cobweb
-Compressed Redstone - redstone in a 2x2 formation, carries vertical redstone
-Magic Dirt - Dirt surrounded by glowstone dust in which any plants can grow no matter what requirement!
-Rubies - Planned Item that didn't make it, but should be added. Strength in between diamond and iron.
-EnderPort - crafted with obsidian and enderpearls in a tnt pattern. There are 2 types - entrances and exits. When the 2 are placed, you can teleport to the other by stepping on one.
-Salt - Ore found in oceans, when broken drops salt. Salt texture is similar to sugar.
-Giant Flower - right click a flower and it grows into a giant flower! (Flower Block, Stem Block)
-Willow - New type of tree, willow tree. Has hanging leaves like vines. (Willow leaves, willow wood, etc.)
-Palm Tree - found mainly on beach biomes. (Palm Wood, Palm Leaves, etc.) Breaking leaves drop coconuts instead of apples.
Crystal ore - found in the Frozen Dimension.
SlimeStone - Found in the slime biome. Can be crafted into tools that have high durability but low swing rate.
Titanium Ore/Block - New ore that is in between iron and diamond.
Ruby Ore/Block - Used to trade with villagers, more valuable than the emerald. Low ore generation rate but will spawn in groups of 2-4.
Sapphire Ore/Block -New ore that is in between iron and titanium.

Fish - found in oceans, when killed drop raw fish. They die in land and have 3 hearts of health. 1 block high.
Pirahna - Found in new biome, Jungle Lake. They are fish but they are more aggressive. Drop raw fish.
Jellyfish - rarely found in oceans but abundant in coral reefs. They give you the poison effect when they attack.
Magma Turtle - a mob found in volcano biomes. They drop obsidian shards and in a 2x2 formation creates an obsidian block. They set 1/4 of the blocks they walk on on fire. 1 block high.
Turtle - Similar to magma turtles, drop shells. Spawn on beach biomes.
Frost - an icy blaze that shoots snowballs and do the freeze effect for 3 seconds. When killed drop frosty powder.
Crystalisks - lizardlike mobs that have a cool white enchantment table particle effect. When killed drop crystals.
Crystal Sage - Summoned by making an iron golem but replace the iron with crystal blocks and the pumpkin with crystalisk heads. Drops a crystal staff.
Slime Slinger - A relative to the blaze but shoots slimeballs that inflict the slowness effect. Spawns in Slime Biomes.
Angel - Humanlike mobs that spawn in the Sky Dimension. They are peaceful but when attacked they shoot golden orbs at you, doing 6-8 hearts of damage. Can fly.
Lambud - A colorful sheep with floral decorations that spawn in the flower biome.
Diamond Golem - Same as iron golem but stronger, and bigger.
Treasure Slime - Slimes with a piece of treasure inside. Different color depending on treasure.
Wither Ghost - A smaller black ghast that shoots wither fireballs. High speed and HP.
Volcano - a mountain with a pool of lava at the top. Made of dirt. Magma cubes and magma turtles spawn.
Coral Reef - Biome found underwater in oceans. Many oceanic mobs spawn here.
Savannah - Plains with little or none trees.
Flower Biome - A biome where many giant flowers spawn and flowers are a plenty. Lambuds spawn here too.
Beach - Even though this has been already made, beaches are common at the edge of a jungle and an ocean, and are rarer in other places. Turtles and palm trees naturally spawn here.
Frozen Dimension - A new variation of the nether. Portal made by throwing a snowball at a frame made of snow.
Mobs spawned - frosts, snow golems, crystalisks and The Crystal Sage (BOSS).
Caves - A cave is not a biome but there are different cave and dungeon types - Desert Dungeon (Sandstone), Magma Caves (With lava), and jails (similar to strongholds, have cells with items)
Slime Biome - A biome where slimes and slime slingers spawn. Slimestone, Dirt and sticky blocks are the biome's blocks.
Sky Dimension - Can be visited by going to bed while wearing a Ring of the Sky.
*WITHER DIMENSION* - A special dimension where there is an abundance of wither skeletons, wither ghosts and a wither boss. Similar to the nether [generation] and witherstone is the primary block.
-Thorned Armor - Made by placing iron armor in the crafting table with thorns. (See misc)
-Coconut Bomb - made by putting a coconut, string and gunpowder in the crafting table. When right clicked, it is thrown and causes an explosion.
-Crystal Staff - dropped by Crystal Sage OR crafted like a shovel but with a crystal and diamonds around. When right clicked, shoots a crystal that inflicts freeze potion effect for 3 seconds and uses crystals for ammunition.
-Crystal Bow - Shoots faster and farther than regular bow.
-Sapphire/Titanium Weapons and Tools.
-Soul Blade - Made with soul sand and a blaze rod. When right clicked and held, it will do damage to you but it will gain sharpness 4 for 10 seconds.


Counter - Returns the damage done.(Armor)
Lightness - Jump higher, less gravity. (Boots)
Swiftness - Faster. (Pants)
Quick Draw - Faster drawing of string rate. (Bow)
Shot Speed - Arrows fly faster and more accurate. (Bow)

-Cyan Flower - same as pocket addition, made into cyan dye.
-Purple Mushroom - can be eaten, but gives you poison for 4 seconds.
-Thorns - can be acquired by putting cactus in your inventory (x4 per cactus). Used for crafting.
-Salt - acquired by mining Salt Ore. (See Blocks)
-Orange/Yellow/Pink/Purple coral - similar to sugarcane but only grow underwater.
-Potion of Freeze - brew frosty powder into awkward potion. (Dropped from frosts) Makes player extremely slow and take damage.
-Frozen Water - when swum in inflicts freeze effect.
-Wool Clothing - makes you more resistant to freeze effect but less resistant to fire.
-Crystal - used for crafting crystal staff and crystal bow.
-Ring - crafted with 4 golden nuggets - 1 on top and bottom, 1 on left and right. Many kinds of rings with dif. effects.
There is a new armor slot for rings.
*RINGS* - Ring of the Sky - when worn and go to sleep, allows you to visit the sky dimension.
Ring of fire - fire resistance. Ring of Water - Speed Swim and Infinite Breath, etc.

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02/18/2013 12:16 am
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Lets try to reach 60 Diamonds!!!
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Awesome ideas.
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awesome, i love the idea!
01/17/2013 5:51 pm
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Great ideas! diamond for you:)
01/12/2013 11:54 pm
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Maybe you could also get salt by putting a bucket of water in a furnace. Just an idea...
01/08/2013 1:41 pm
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this is awesome! love the pic! what mod is it from!?
01/05/2013 3:11 pm
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One of the 2 best entry's in my opinion
01/04/2013 2:29 pm
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+1 :D
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