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Minedeas - More Potions, Enchants, and Weapons [WIP]

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More Potions, More Enchants, More Fun!
TL:DR At Bottom

Playing Minecraft, I always preferred maps that include some form of fighting and I've always enjoyed discovering new ways to kill mobs

So my idea was having weapons that give potion effects (e.g. Wither Iron sword or Poison Arrows) along with brand new effects. A few new enchantments can also be added to further introduce variety.
Grid Potion of WeaknesspngImmobility
Since slowness reverses controls at high levels, this potion utterly stops the target. At level 1, it merely impedes motion. As the level increases, it begins to also stop the target's ability to: shoot, signal other mobs (e.g. wolves, silverfish, zombie pigmen), and teleport. As well, when flying mobs (or if a mob was hit mid-jump) are immobilized, they will rapidly fall. At higher levels, they will fall at slower rates until at one point (say potency 6?), they remain stuck mid-air.

Potion is crafted using a brick

Grid Potion of SlownesspngSluggishness
Sluggishness is the opposite of jump boost: you cannot jump up blocks. At potency 2, you also cannot climb over 1/2 high blocks either.

Potion is crafted with a feather, and then a fermented spider eye (assuming a potion crafted with a feather becomes a potion of jump boost)
Grid Potion of SwiftnesspngQuick-Draw
Includes faster bow draw time, eating/drinking, sword swinging, and increases the time from which one has to click to catch a fish after the bobber goes down. At very high potency, the bow draw time would be very close to the old instant fire bows.

Crafted using a cocoa bean (coffeeeeee...)
Enchantment TableWarrior
Enchantment for Axes only. It makes axes able to block like swords and to receive only 1 durability loss when used to attack. Axes with this enchantment may additionally receive sword enchantments (if you receive the Warrior enchantment, you can also get Sharpness).
Enchantment TableDecoy
Enchantment for Bows only. Bow will use rotten flesh as well as arrows. After firing an arrow, mobs will begin to follow it and stop tracking you (as long as the arrow is in their aggro range). Once they reach the arrow, they will return to an un-aggressive state
Cooked PorkchopInsert something or other
about a slippery effect (e.g. when affected, you walk as if on ice) or an explosion enchantment (arrows cause small explosions. When put on a sword it causes an explosion where the sword contacts the target, possibly hurting the player).

How Can We Do This?
Implementing this idea would be relatively simple: Either make new enchantment options for weapons when they go into the enchanting table, or possibly make it so when you combine a weapon and a splash potion in an anvil, you get the modified weapon with potion effect out. This would also mean adding new crafting recipes for the as-of-yet unobtainable potions. Potion level and duration modifyers (use of redstone/glowstone dust) will carry over (so your sword can have a Healing II potion effect or a Poison (extended) effect) but their duration is cut to 1/3.

Of course, mobs can also be spawned holding weapons with these effects.

Why Should This be Added?
The main reason is to make combat more varied while not having to introduce a large overhaul to the current system. This idea provides hundreds of new options to combat (assuming Jeb's statement that there can be thousands of different potions). This would make PvP and PvE more interesting and offer an even larger range of options to map-makers (e.g. in Hypixel and Sethbling's TF2 map series). And last but not least, like any suggestion, it would simply be a cool addition.

You could make healing sticks (hit a player and inflict Healing II) or swords that inflict hunger on other players. The possibilities are endless.

Off the original topic but would still be cool to have are:
Maces: Slow weapons that stun the enemy (cannot move/attack/call for help, flying enemies also start sinking). Their item texture could look like the old axe image
OldAxepng Crafting Recipe: Row 1: all iron, Row 2: Iron, Stick, Iron, Row 3: (nothing), Stick, (nothing)
Why doesnt PlanetMinecraft let me drag in pictures D: or have multiple images on blogs...

Crafted spikes that can be thrown. When the caltop lands, it attaches itself onto the nearest block (or the one that it is mostly on). A block can have multiple caltrops on it. When mobs walk over the block, they take 1 heart of damage for each second they are on the block, multiplied by the number of caltrops on the block. Caltrops also slow down mobs to about 2m/s. After a caltrop has dealt damage 5 times, it is removed.

If a caltrop is thrown at a mob, it will deal 1 heart of damage and be used up.
A caltrop is crafted using a single iron ingot. This produces 9 caltrops.

Suggestion to add potion effects onto weapons, add more potions and some new enchantments to make PvP/PvE more various.

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04/05/2013 9:46 am
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man So it isn't a mod? then!?!?
I just don't get it!
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