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Minedeas 2: Minecraft World Generator Concepts

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avatar C_Corp2002
Level 11 : Journeyman Archer
Hello world!

This is C_Corp2002, and I have two vanilla-world generator concepts.


Vanilla Realities

“Vanilla Realities” would have many new structures, such as new, larger, and more complex villages and dungeons. Smoother hills, fewer overhangs, larger, more “epic-looking” mountains with snowy peaks, and special multi-layer dungeons on the inside of volcanoes would all be a part of the new world-type.

The purpose of this kind of world, is so Minecraft is more relatable, and entertaining, not that it already isn’t. Another reason to add this, is just to give Minecraft a fresh, new look, while keeping it real.


Fractured Skies

“Fractured Skies” has many floating islands above an infinite-ish void. (Well, as infinite as the JAVA limit can go.) These islands will range in size and landscape style from huge and lush, to small and barren. Each island has a chance to contain a dungeon in the lower level. If there is a lake on an island, waterfalls will flow off the edge, into the abyss.

My reasoning for making this idea, is an alternative, slightly tougher, world-type. Yeah, Minecraft is tough, at times. But wouldn’t you like to fly from flying island to flying island using an Elytra?
That would be cool… and what about a castle in the sky? Or on a factions server, each island is a possible base or fort? That would be a fun experience.

to ButtonmashTP, for getting me back into PMC!

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