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| Minedeas 2 | The Upgraded Beacon!

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HyRuzz avatar HyRuzz
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Hello,players from all over the world. I'm writing today to show my idea for the Minedeas 2 Blog contest #10! I will be showing you a special block I created,which is... The Upgraded Beacon!

What is The Upgraded Beacon?:
The Upgraded Beacon is a stronger version of the normal beacon,and uses twice the resources needed to create a normal beacon,plus a normal beacon. The upgraded beacon can be easily recognized by its different core block: Instead of a diamond block,it's a emerald block! The upgraded beacon will provide the same effects as the normal beacon,but the levels are changed depending on how many valuable blocks you have on the structure required to power it. On maximum level it will give the following effects: Speed IV, Haste IV, Resistance IV, Jump Boost IV, Strength IV and Regeneration IV. The Upgraded beacon also have 3 times the radius of a normal beacon.

How to craft The Upgraded Beacon:
As The Upgraded Beacon is a much stronger version of the normal beacon,it also requires as twice the resources needed to craft a normal beacon. Take a look at the recipe:

| Minedeas 2 | The Upgraded Beacon!

As you can see,you need 2 Nether Stars: To give more power to the normal beacon, 1 Normal Beacon: The block which will be upgraded to a more powerful stage, 3 Obsidian blocks and 2 glass blocks: To reinforce the current glass and obsidian surrounding the beacon. We don't want it to explode,right? And for last,the main block you will need to craft the Upgraded Beacon: A Emerald Block: Which represents the value of the Upgraded Beacon. When you craft it,the visual representation will also change: Instead of a Diamond Block, it will have a Emerald Block on its center!

How to power the Upgraded Beacon?:
To power the upgraded beacon just simply make the same structure as a normal beacon:A pyramid made out of Diamond Blocks,Emerald Blocks,Iron Blocks or Gold Blocks.

How would The Upgraded Beacon help others?:
The Upgrade Beacon will have much more radius than the normal beacon. With this feature you don't need to waste resources to create more beacons to cover a big area,instead,use only 1 Upgraded Beacon.

This is how The Upgraded Beacon would look like on your hotbar:

| Minedeas 2 | The Upgraded Beacon!

Well,that's it for today,folks! Hope you all liked my idea for the Upgraded Beacon,and I see you next time!


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