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Hello, my good sirs and madams, welcome to Blackbird Incorporated, where ideas come alive!
You probably understand my intent in creating this; I would like a mod. What mod would I like, you ask? Jeez, you need to learn to read titles! I want a Xioalin Showdown mod.
Xiaolin Showdown was a Cartoon Network show from my earlier childhood. It was about how a spirit named Wuya, who was trapped 1500 years prior to the start of the series by Grandmaster Dashi, rises again and prepares to dominate the world. At the same time there is a convenient monastery that is receiving 3 new students, in addition to the one monk child there, that end up in challenges known as Xiaolin Showdowns against Jack Spicer, who has teamed up with Wuya to take over the world, for Shen Gong Wu, mystical items which have amazing abilities. The first known Shen Gong Wu is the Mantis Flip coin, which allowed the user to jump and flip like a mantis.
My mod would include a select few of the Shen Gong Wu, because, theoretically, there are thousands. The storyline includes a lot of random characters who shall be irrelevant to the mod. This mod shall only include Shen Gong Wu, shrines that spawn with Shen Gong Wu, and Jackbots, Jack Spicer's minions.
I don't have an image editor, so don't be mad about my pic-lessness. For further information on the mod, and most importantly, the Shen Gong Wu listed below, go to Contact me at, or PM me.

GONG YI Tanpai!

I think that the Shen Gong Wu should be the following:
Mantis Flip Coin
+2 Block jumping
Fist of Tanabi
Equal to a diamond sword (Sharpness II), and usable as a pickaxe.
Changing Chopsticks
I believe that there is a mod called the Mini Miner mod. This would do the same thing.
Climb walls.
Serpent's Tail
Doors? What are doors? I can walk through walls.
Two-Ton Tunic
ERMEGERD! I AM BULLETPROOF! (And a tad slow... Slowness II kinda slooooooowwww...)
Falcon's Eye
I can see Timmy in his room... Look at- MOTHER OF FREAKING-
Orb of Tornami
It's a bucket/ It's a water bucket/ It's a holdable infinite water source!
Shroud of Shadows
I'm Harry Potter! You can't see me!
Ruby of Ramses
Telekineses like in the Portal Gun mod! But... Magic, not science...

I think that the Jackbots should spawn in a fortress, though we more or less have three Vanilla fortresses, and they should guard loot that includes Shen Gong Wu. (1007 1337)

HP 60
Speed Steve speed
Abilities Flight
Damage 3

You need to make an agreement to the mind laboratory before you make this. Print, sign, and post.


I, _____ agree to give Micah Mouto* 50% of the mod credit, for he thought this idea into existence, and this amazing mod would never exist without him. I also understand that Micah does not have the capability to program
this mod, and I will not be mad that he has done everything in his power, which happens to be "Think up a Minecraft modification that he, and possibly countless others, want to see."

*Mouto is Micah's internet name, for he doesn't trust it enough for his real name. He may be referred to as "sparx," "13sparx13," "Blackbird," "Micah," or "brokenXhalo/broken," but the latter only if you are playing on a Minecraft server, for he shares the account with two brothers, a cousin, and some friends of his older brother.

Thank you.

CreditCartoon Network, Xiaolin Showdown

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BLARGH! : by 13sparx13 12/07/2012 3:29:16 pmDec 7th, 2012

Hey guys! Making this more detailed!

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Did anyone make this?
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