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avatar sycoinc
Level 56 : Grandmaster Programmer
Hello Everyone,

Here is my idea that i have been wishing to attempt for quite some time but just don't have any time.

Creating a proper in game chat mod that can link to a website for real time chat between the minecraft server and the website.

I know this can be done with some IRC channels and other plugins but there are none that seem to offer features for server moderators / admins to control their user base when they can't get on the server.

That's what CONSOLE is for you say... Some servers do not like giving all their moderators console in case they cause issues and delete things. My solution to this is as follows.

The Idea

Have a plugin that controls where the normal MC chat and shows it in real time onto a website bu placing some simple code, adding a plugin to the site or adding an application into a web page (like Facebook or your personal domain hosted on free to use servers (Yola).

How i see this Working

With my knowledge in web design i firstly would make a application that can be used on the majority of websites. When the config is set up it can link to the installed plugin on the server. From here the application can check your permissions and user files to match usernames to those on the chat to those on the server (with account protection of course).

After that stage is completed i would work on adding features to authenticate a Minecraft user name by linking it to a file on your server that is set up allowing set people access to use commands such as /ban, /kick and other moderating commands via the app.

This would basically be a encrypted file with a persons username and the PASSWORD for the user to use in the application.

From there fine tuning on linking in game chat and external website chat should be rather easy, giving a customization prefix to web based chat messages can also be added to show who is talking from where.

Why is this different from IRC minecraft chat?

Simple, once a user logs onto your server they can instantly get a auto generated password sent to them via a in game message that gets saved to a file and can be accesses by only the by a command like /webchat password.

This also lets the user not have to download any additional programs and have a risk of their information being stolen or seeing things they don't want to when in IRC.

In Conclusion:

This project could be done by anyone with java and website knowledge, even turning it into a iphone / android application would not be to far fetched. if i do eventually get time after i get my current project McBlueprint.net online i will start to work on the fine details of this mod.

Please comment and give any feedback on this idea i look forward to seeing more entries in this Minedeas Contest :d

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  • Ducky Momo
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Engineer
  • December 5, 2012, 1:17 pm
There is too many ideas of this. there are 5 different clones of this idea,same with freinds list.
Let the people share their ideas, bro...

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