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Minedeas!! Stone armor, shields and more!!

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Xrunner avatar Xrunner
Level 29 : Expert Dragonborn
1) Fish in water people! Fish in water!!!!!!!
2) Stone armor is a definite one. I mean come on it would be awesome!!
3) shield! Wood, Stone, Gold, Iron, or Diamond! goes with sword like have a Sword and Shield item! when u block u put the shield up! Protects from 25-50% damage from each hit from the enemy! Slows u down so u cant sprint! Has 25% chance of deflecting an arrow. i think it should be made in the crafting table like so: 1,2 rows full of either Wood, Stone, Gold, Iron, or Diamond, then middle of the 3rd row of either Wood, Stone, Gold, Iron, or Diamond! Has its own enchants look at number 5!
4) Boomerang enchant on bows. need Lvl 20 or higher. When u shoot and the arrow either hits or doesnt hit the target, the arrow turns arround and comes back to u. Yes it means u only need 1 arrow.
5) shield enchants: Arrow blocker (increases chance of arrow blocking by 10%)Level 5+, Blocker (always block 35% of enemy hit)Level 15+, Fire Blocker (50% chance to block a fire aspect sword or flame bow from lighting you on fire)Level 20+, Run (Enables sprint even when holding shield)Level 30. The shield can have up to 3 enchants. Can get Thorns (already existing enchant) and Fire Resistance (already existing enchant).
6) Heads grant special powers. Example: Wither skeleton head enables u to shoot a wither skeleton headl every 5 minutes by pressing "Y" or "U". Makes an explosion the same as the one the Wither skeleton boss does when he shoots a wither skeleton head. There is a timer at the top left of the screen counting 5 minutes. Can be enabled or disabled. Does no self damage.
7) Boxing gloves. U make em with leather like so: 1,2 row filled with leather and 3 row has the left and right boxes with leather. this makes a pair. U put it on and ur fists do triple the normal damage every hit.

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12/28/2012 3:23 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Archer
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Great ideas!!
12/28/2012 5:18 pm
Level 29 : Expert Dragonborn
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