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MineMaster Monday: OPEN HOUSE at the General's Keep!!!

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Welcome back, my Master Miners...

Today is MineMaster Monday!

Tonight we will be broadcasting live from the General's Keep from 10pm-12am (PST). Tonight’s stream will be YouTube-EXCLUSIVE. It will NOT be broadcast frOM Twitch, Facebook Gaming, or Omlet Arcade, as is usual.

Tonight will also be VERY SPECIAL EVENT - a first-ever OPEN HOUSE at the General's Keep!!!

(We will be using a back-up of the actual Realm)

If you would like to participate in this very special event, then you must consider the following:

  1. It is a BEDROCK Realm.
  2. Only 10 people can be on a realm at a time. (If you are waiting to come in to the Realm, and all ten slots are full, then just wait for someone to leave and keep trying)
  3. You are encouraged to explore the Keep.
  4. You may grief because we are using a backup copy for this event.
  5. If you build something during your time there, and it has been judged by the members of the General’ Command to be the best among all our visitors, then your build will be built on the actual General’s Keep Realm with your name attached to it.
  6. In order to be granted passage into the Realm, you will need to add “MineMasterGen” on Microsoft/Xbox Live Accounts.
  7. I will add you to the Realm.
  8. You will have to be in the chat at YouTube for any of this to happen, until you have entered the Realmed.
  9. Have fun.
  10. Keep It Sharp!⛏


[Joshua 24:15]

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