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MineTrek 2.0

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Level 47 : Master Blob

Joining the Server:

Server IP Address: MineTrek.net

Project Forum: Shipyards Forums (Forums.MineTrek.net)

Official Blog: MineTrek 2.0 (minetrek2.blogspot.com)

IRC Channel: Server - irc.esper.net Channel - #MineTrek

C3 Channel: MineTrek2.0

Online Dynmap View: MineTrek Server Dynmap (Dynmap.MineTrek.net)

Notes on Joining:

  • You can only join the server with a legitimate copy of Minecraft.
  • The
    ship will look ridiculous without one of the texture packs. Many custom
    textures are used to bring the standard Minecraft blocks into the 24th

Resource Pack:

Server Details:

Server Administrator: mheller3000

Forum Administrators: Halkun, LoakeyRonso, mheller3000

Active Server Moderators: mheller3000, Debomb72, Bluegobln, Shadowviper, Atrocities, PatchyPatch,

Recommended Client Mods:

  • Optifine
    - This mod helps to optimize the graphics on your client and can lead
    to a large increase in FPS if used correctly, greatly helps in improving
    your minetrek gaming experience.
  • Single Player Commands - This mod is required in order to fully take advantage of the Worldedit and Safeedit plugins in the server when building.
    - This helps greatly in using the Worldedit and Safeedit systems in
    server by creating graphical selection boxes when editing large and
    small areas. Highly Recommended.
  • Gammabright
    - Highly recommended to fully light the world and rooms like the
    classic minecraft environment. Allows for building without having to
    place light sources ever.
  • EllianDetector and Zan's Minimap
    - Great for finding your place in the local world map and for
    cavemapping to see the deck layouts for building and general navigation
  • Too Many Items - Highly Recommended for easier management and searching of all blocks and items in the inventory.
  • Macro Keybind - Great for setting up macros for repetitive we commands, speed commands and other essential commands with a single key click.
  • Tabby Chat - Great for organizing and restricting certain kinds of chat traffic in game.

Server Rules:

  1. Respect
    all players. No gratuitous swearing and no hateful language. You are
    entitled to your opinions, but we are not obliged to listen to them.
  2. Do not spam chat with unrelated comments or random gibberish. This will result in a mute.
  3. There will be no immediate promotions unless you can be confirmed to be a previous builder. Do not ask to be promoted. Promotion comes with time.
  4. Griefing will result in an immediate ban and all damage will be reversed.
  5. Do not construct redstone mechanisms
    which use a clock (a pulse generator) as this will lag the server and
    degrade the building experience for everyone. This may be construed as

Build Rules:

  1. Follow the Blueprints strictly in all areas. (Rar file here)
  2. Follow standard building methods in all common areas. Separate rooms not seen in the show give builders some creative license.
  3. Repair
    all hull, floor, and wall breaks exactly as they were (that is, using
    the same block.) You can use the middle mouse button to determine which
    block it was. If you cannot determine the block, get some help
    immediately from a capable builder. Floors, walls, and hull are
    completed and are not to be edited unless you find they contradict the
  4. Do not use doors of any type except in very rare cases (Ten Forward has double doors, for example.)
  5. You are building the ships as they were in the show. You are not personalizing it. This includes any "personal" quarters.
  6. Do not alter established deck layouts i.e. the "floor" of each deck. Don't change colours or move walls.
  7. Do
    not build on any project unless you have been cleared to do so by a
    Captain or above. This costs hours of corrective work and may result in a

Creditmheller3000, LoakeyRonso, Germo, Halkun, Atrocities, Colecken7, Debomb72

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