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You know how theres a bunch of servers that say there the best come play on my server ITS THE BEST. Your like I CALL BS.
I agree too but I found a server that's great its called mineventures its a truly wonderful server as said by one of the staff the possibilities are endless on this server. Hear me out i'm not giving you a guarentee that youll love this server because hey some of you just dont enjoy life as much as others but come on come give it a try theres plenty of features.

Such as : MobArena a place were you can play against endless hordes of mobs trying not to die there are classes in that game mode. Theres a regular mob arena and a undead arena were its strictly Zombies, and Skellys.

Now when you love server like I you I guess just respect it and follow its rules but anyways simple rules: No griefing no begging for op. no stealing. no constant harassment also please check the rules for the rest there on the server.

This server has a website : http://mineventures.co.uk/ For a small fee of 8$, 15$, 25$, You will gain almost admin like ability's but like me you don't like to pay for some stuff and that's OK because I havn't payed and they treat me fine they don't ask for money and its just a donation. If you vote for there server on Planetminecraft you gain 500$ in game cash to spend in the in game stores.

There plugins for player use are. Essentials LWC Towny ChestShop McMMO DisguiseCraft TreeAssist DynMap PorteCoulissante MultiVerse FoundDiamonds MultiInv NoCheatPlus Orebfuscator CreativeGates
Vanish WorldGuard Logblock WorldEdit.

They have factions but its not really factions its the towny plugin which lets you start a town which is exactly like factions just slightly different. Its a non-pvp survival server there is skyblock.

Make sure to go to there website and apply for citizenship I did I was instantly aloud to do member stuff.

Look for me in game crazycowcat =D
CreditThanks to the wonderful server Mineventures, and its MARVELOUS STAFF
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