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Minigame Server Reviews: Mineplex

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cbeeston1 avatar cbeeston1
Level 36 : Artisan Spleefer
About this review: This is not reviewing Mineplex's minigames, but the network itself.

You do not really see networks rise up into becoming one of the biggest out there. Take the Nexus for example, it got publicity from youtubers, but did not grow as much as Mineplex did. Mineplex started off a 30 slot server for a small mini-game called Castle Siege. Over the months it grew into a multiple minigame network and now, probably the second biggest network in the world, only behind Hypixel.

So, down to the real business, why am I review Mineplex? All networks have faults, so does Mineplex. I did spend a few months as moderator at Mineplex, but left after doing other intentions. My review is not going to be affect by my time as staff at Mineplex. Some networks are better than others, most have their own unique feature about them.

Let's start off with currency. What do I think of it? Mineplex's currency are gems, unlike a lot of servers, you can not buy them from their store. Gems are useful to all players on the server after the EULA update. You have a lot of things you can buy with gems, from cosmetics to kits. I think they should really change the way they use gems for buying in-game items.

Kits, Mineplex's most unique feature. Mineplex makes mostly everything unquie by adding kits into their mini-games. May it be Block Hunt or Spleef, almost every mini-game has kits, most of them are actually balanced. You may be thinking, kits in spleef? What are they thinking! They give advantages to each kit, so one of the kits can only destroy one block at a time but can leap into the air every 7 seconds. Another kit lets your spleef item destroy blocks in a radius, but you do not have a leap. The final kit has a bow which you shoot arrows on the floor to make an even larger radius of destroyed blocks. I think Mineplex did a solid job on this feature.

Donation ranks. You have not seen more generous server with donation perks. It used to be not so generous, but they had split up Ultra into categories for each mini-game. Most ranks used to cost from $10-$40 per individual Ultra. All Ultras in a package with a few extra hub features was $120. That is a lot of money, but then at Halloween they did half price, and then at Christmas they halfed the price again. It is February and doubt they will change prices back. Now you can only purchase either Mineplex Ultra or Mineplex Hero. With the recent EULA changes, the servers donation ranks have been made into monthly packages.

Donation Perks: 
$4.99 USD a month.
- Access to premium servers.
- Apply for Staff
- Access to beta test servers.
- Custom 'Ultra' Tag

Hero: $9.99 USD a month.
- All Ultra Rank Benefits
- Custom 'Hero' Tag
- Ethereal Dragon Mount
- Blaze Morph Gadget

Applying for Staff. Hardly anyone could answer this question but a former staff members, that's me. Mineplex is a lot more lean back than other servers when applying for staff, it has been a lot more leanback since you apply for Helper, not Mod anymore. Age does not really matter, just be active in the community and have a solid application.

Servers and Hacker Protection. If the servers get too full, Mineplex Leadership team buys more servers. They have very high quality servers for both US and EU players. Oceanic players should play on US since there are more people and less lag. Asia could play on either, just that US has way more people. Now, Mineplex has still after a long time working on an efficient hacker protection. I got to see in running for a test, we went around servers where the hacker protection said people were hacking, it was almost completely correct. That was a few months ago.

Overall Rating: I am not going to give this any ?/10, but all I am saying, if you like having a more variety of play styles in mini-games, Mineplex is the server for you. They have a really good US servers and sub-core EU servers. By far the quickest growing network.

IP: us.mineplex.com

Thank you for reading my review for Mineplex!

What Network should I review next.
1. Hypixel
2. Minecade
3. Shotbow
4. [Insert Network Name]

Diamond, Favortfie and Subscribe for more.
CreditMineplex, DannyDog_ for the Picture.

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EULA Update : by cbeeston1 08/05/2014 4:02:30 pmAug 5th, 2014

Editted the blog to fit the new EULA dirrection of the server.

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01/08/2015 10:14 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Diamond_Shadow_ avatar
Good reveiw of the server.
08/30/2014 1:10 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Hunter
emgh avatar

Hope you answear this.

Mineplex is bigger then Hypixel. Look at the players online in some days. Next to always MinePlex have more players online!
08/30/2014 8:52 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Spleefer
cbeeston1 avatar
This review was made serveral months ago, and Mineplex and Hypixel have similar numbers.
08/31/2014 9:22 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Hunter
emgh avatar


Edit it.
07/07/2014 8:42 am
Level 20 : Expert Skinner
xXTheArcherXx avatar
Cool, but I really hate that you have to become an ultra to be staff. They should give you staff based on who you are, not how much money you donated.
07/07/2014 5:58 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Spleefer
cbeeston1 avatar
This should be taken away with the new EULA guideline from Mojang that will be enforced from the 1st of August if I am correct. As seeing that the option to apply for a rank that includes game changing features will not be aloud.
01/11/2015 7:09 pm
Level 21 : Expert Ninja
J4ckieChan23 avatar
It's... Not... A... Game... Changing.... Feature...

Wanna see a server which kinda breaks the EULA? The have OP Premium kits.


It's kinda dumb.

Also, if it was taken away the application thing would be FLOODED with apps...
05/27/2014 10:18 am
Level 26 : Expert Taco
dylwells avatar
02/09/2014 11:40 am
Level 1 : New Miner
silvermoon28 avatar
I'm having problems joining my friends on this sever. We've invited each other to party's and it says player not found. Any ideas on what we can do?
08/15/2014 9:41 am
Level 20 : Expert Pokemon
Sillypop avatar
Go onto the same lobby server -_-
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