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MiniMaps { MiniRant } { MiniDebate }

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Hey guys!

Sam here with another blog for you all! This one is about MiniMaps, and their uses. It's actually more of a balanced debate than my usual rant, about certain minimaps! Since their minimaps, I will try to make this a MiniBlog!

Minimaps are brilliant ideas, undoubtedly. Can't deny it myself, nor can you. But like anything, they have their faults, but some parts are starting to get a little OP. Some minimaps are fine, but certain features are a bit ridiculous. Like the Waypoints, which I think started on Rei's minimap. I see how this could be brilliant, but don't you think it is a little bit unfair on SMP without warps etc? You can easily find your way around, but other players have to devote their time to minecart tracks and nether transporting. I personally think this is unfair.
But then again, on the other hand, this could be a really good help for people who have far away bases and the such. If everyone on a small community server have it, and accept it, then it's great! Want to visit your skeleton spawner a 3 day hike away? You're good to go! If you're friends live in houses all close to you but in multiple directions, and you don't want to visit each one individually, then that's great! Make a waypoint for each one and you can tell which is which without manually going there!

The next point is the player & mobs detection system some have. I don't think Rei's MiniMap has this feature, but some tell you when a mob or player is within a certain radius of you by showing the player/mobs head on the minimap. I hate this! Ruins the fun of SG, no sneak attacks, harder to hide. It makes it so much easier to escape attacks by humans and mobs. It even helps you find spawners! If you see 15 or so zombie heads, you know you have a spawner.
But then, you could argue that if someone was staying for their first night, and they had no shelter, and ventured far from spawn and didn't want to lose the epic jungle they found, they could easily run away from any mobs. But I do think in general this is unfair and there is few arguments for it. It ruins gameplay in my opinion.

To conclude, I would say that MiniMaps should only be used for biome detection and maybe waypoints, but not in situations like the ones I mentioned. That's all!

Thanks for reading, please leave a <3 favourite, diamond or even a sub! :D

Thanks, Sam!

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