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Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Has anyone ever wanted to go to the beta versions of Minecraft, to remember the good times? Especially if you never seen it before? Well, I have. And I had a very.... ´╗┐creepy´╗┐... encounter.... So, after I built a decent house I went to a nearby cave for some coal so I can put torches inside the house. Now, I was recording, but... from what happens near the end... The recording gets corrupted, so I couldn't upload it... I could only watch it. Now, little did I know, in the dark corners of that cave, there was an outline... An outline of a player's skin... And the next second, it disappeared. I'm gonna try and explain what the skin looked like in full detail. The color of the skin was completely orange. On each body part, the words 'Missing Texture' was there. The text was in the color black. So when I got coal, I went back to my house... But... Unfortunately, it was on FIRE! And the trees around it were burning. I got so scared, I thought it was null, Herobrine, or Entity 303. So I quickly exit out of Minecraft. Closed the game. By desktop picture said 'Missing Texture' and all my folders and games were named 'Missing Texture' or 'Missing Word'. An error popped up on my screen, it said "Missing Texture.exe has stopped responding." And before I finished reading it I clicked 'Yes'. My computer shut down. I booted it back up, and everything was normal... Nothing happened since. I looked at the recording and I could see the skin I described earlier, hiding in the background of 3 scenes. The cave, when I was inside my house, and when I was building the house. The file took up 3.7 gb. So I tried to upload the video, and I couldn't. I tried again about 4 times. I still couldn't. So I just deleted it. But Portal 2, Terraria, Geometry Dash, Undertale, and Minecraft were glitching out. They still glitch to this very day...

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