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Misunderstandings and her Friendship

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avatar TheSilentWind
Level 42 : Master Enderdragon
It was a wonderful day, as Hazel decided to visit her friend, Laura. "Today seems like a great day to visit Laura," Hazel smiles. "I should bring her something though.." She looked into the fridge and the cupboards. "You know what? I'll just make her a nice and tasty cherry pie."

Not long after she made the cherry pie, she went to Laura's house and knocked on the door. "Hazel!" Laura smiles with joy, "it's so nice to see you!" Hazel smiled back, and they started talking about what they've done. "Oh Laura, I made you a cherry pie!". Laura liked the pie, but then Laura's other friend Anne came. Anne and Laura started talking, but Anne started questioning Laura, "Laura, who is that person over there?" Laura answered, "Oh, she's Hazel, my other friend." Hazel wanted to talk to Anne, but Anne ignored her and didn't want her to interrupt. "Never mind," Hazel says, "I'll just go... You guys have fun." Laura felt bad for Hazel, "Wait Hazel! Don't go... I'm sorry about leaving you out, I didn't mean to." Anne didn't like that, she didn't like how Laura chose to talk to Hazel instead of her. "Laura... Stop, you haven't answered my question yet." Hazel didn't want to bother talking, so she just left. Laura tried to explain to Anne how she wasn't trying to ignore her, but Anne started yelling at Laura, "Laura... So you chose her over me?! Fine then... fine... I'll just go..." Laura tried to explain everything, but Hazel already left and Anne refused to listen. "Laura, I don't want to hear it... Just leave me alone..." Laura got mad that everyone didn't understand her. "Anne, stop! I had enough okay? I don't want to argue with you... So stop!"

Anne walked away from Laura, "oh who cares anymore? I'm not your friend... You chose Hazel over me! Just leave me alone.. I don't want to talk to you, just pretend we never met.."

Laura sighed and went back to her house. The following day, she came to Hazel and apologized to her about what happened. They agreed Anne was in a bad mood and promised to never fight again. They then came to Anne and tried to explain what happened. Anne's face turned red, "look guys, I'm sorry about the other day... It was a misunderstanding, and I was just in a bad mood..." They all forgave each other and just laughed about it.

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  • STVGaming
  • Level 2
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  • February 17, 2016, 11:58 am
  • TheSilentWind
  • Level 42
  • Master Enderdragon
  • February 17, 2016, 3:02 am
what's pizaz lol?
  • Melancholism
  • Level 42
  • Master Botanist
  • February 17, 2016, 11:24 am
Pizaz is like awesome stuff, so for example if u wanted to add more pizaz to the story, you would make it more detailed and descriptive.
Why did you give your own story a fave ._.
also I suggest making a story with more pizaz
  • TheSilentWind
  • Level 42
  • Master Enderdragon
  • February 16, 2016, 4:13 pm
I put down that cherry pie because it was in the story :) This was my first story, please support

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