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MJ Trips w/ Tycho "Sully" Lindeboom

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Sully and I sit down to discuss the Minecraft 1.19 #WildUpdate and if it was a disappointment. Spoiler alert: it wasn't.

Second of all, I'd like to apologize for the lag in the recording with Skaliber. My recording software didn't take the file well fsr, and I didn't have time to re-render x

You can skip past it if it bothers you, and get to the Sully part of the podcast. (Sorry @Skaliber )


Welcome to MJ Trips with @ModSully! 👊

Sully is an artist from the Minecraft resource pack community with much meme-age to their name. You may know him from many classics, such as: #BuffAxolotl, Sully's Peeves, and Sully's Mod.

🎨 find everything Sully works on, on CurseForge: www.CurseForge.com/members/GoesBySully/projects

My friend Tycho Lindeboom also contributes to the beautiful pixels of the famous Twilight Forest mod!

Sully has two twitter accounts. Very quirky:

🐦 #Minecraft Art - twitter.com/ModSully

🐦 The Mind of Sully - twitter.com/GoesBySully

📷 insta - www.instagram.com/TychoLindeboom/


🙏 Also a huge shoutout to my official MJ-Opener: SkaliberMinecraft on YT www.youtube.com/channel/UCZqcl6IU1nCdHFp7GsNTwZQ

sorry i fucked up the render, buddy. The video that'll come out on your channel soon, will be well worth it tho ☝🔗🔌

feel special yet, @Skaliber ? ...getting a plug at the end of my description. You know that nobody reads this part, right bro? No one will see this shoutout. YOU might check it - because you care about this video bc you're in it - so you'll appreciate me and will then help my channel grow as your does with such impressive rates, but you won't actually get any clicks. You know why? Because nobody reads this deep into the description of an MJ Trips video, B R U H. Only you would, Matt. I'm onto you 👀@Skaliber

What did YOU think of the Warden? Let Sully, Skaliber, & me know! in the comments below!

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- The great & famous intro music is made by my uncle, the infinite Mr. T ✊


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Not unimportant lmfao


CreditSully, of Sully's Mod

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