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Minecraft XBLA Review

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avatar Maiconi
Level 49 : Master Soldier
Okay, so I bought Minecraft for Xbox Live Arcade, and to be honest, I am impressed!

I think that it is Minecraft Beta 1.6 because shears aren't in the game yet, neither are pistons, which means that you can punch the sheep, and the animals actually spawn and despawn again!

The gameplay isn't that bad actually. You can start out playing a tutorial which will show you how to play Minecraft and it helps you unlock about half the achievements XD.

One thing that may be wierd to the PC Minecrafters is that the health is back to the non-regenerating hearts again and there is no experience. Also, there aren't NPC villages or Endermen, and food doesn't stack );

The world is not infinite either, but it is still reasonably sized. You even start out with a map! that way you can explore the area that is defined by that map.

The Multiplayer is REALLY awesome! You can't add your own skins, but the game does it itself! The skins are different types of people, all based on the Steve skin, for example. Player 1 = Normal Steve, Player 2 = Athlete Steve, Player 3 = Tuxedo Steve, Player 4 = Bling Steve.

There are a few bugs that we encountered, somehow we cloned a minecart when I was riding it, it just budded into two new carts. And when we tried to build a farm, we couldn't place the water. It might have something to do with the Tundra Biome, I really don't know :D

All in all, I think that Minecraft for XBLA is worth it, that is if you have Xbox LIVE and you have friends that are willing to play with you, then it is really a fun game!

If you want to play in my game ( I'm planning a Lets Play series :D ) my gamertag is Maiconi

Thank you for reading :D

05/10/2012 9:12 am
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Hero
Its in Beta 1.6.6.

The hearts regen if you play in peaceful.

I played Minecraft since Beta 1.5.....and liked it better when there's no hungerbar.

*Hopefully they will only update the Xbox version to like 1.7.3 because of shears and pistons but never update it above.*
05/10/2012 9:13 am
Level 49 : Master Soldier
Thanks for telling me the version and now I know that the next update should be comming soon :D. And also, I agree on the no hunger bar, I love the absence of that.
05/10/2012 6:04 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Archer
When you save your game and join back all your stuff is gone but your house is still there.
05/10/2012 5:51 am
Level 38 : Artisan Fish
didnt you guys know that it was going to be 1.6 since march or feburary.
an with all the stuff you said about no endermen, no villages and stuff like that, those days were the good old days (but also bad in some ways). How long have you been playing for? because it seems like you never knew stuff like the no villages stuff.
05/10/2012 9:12 am
Level 49 : Master Soldier
I bought my first Minecraft in Beta 1.7.3, So I never played this version, also, I don't miss anything, it is just kinda weird how this works. It is like "Back To The Beta" or something
05/10/2012 3:45 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Pony
I thought it was in 1.6
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