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Mo Creatures; Kitty Adventure

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avatar rawrizamonster
Level 46 : Master Bunny
So i recently downloaded the lovely minecraft mo creatures mod! I saw that it had kitties and got really excited ^_^
So of course the first thing i did was tame two kitties so i could have kittens!!!!
But the mother giving birth... made the game crash.. and she didnt stop popping out kittens D:
So she ended up having 13 kittens..................... And then she died. =/ Needless to say i hope this doesn't happen to anyone elses momma cat T_T

Also another thing i noticed! For any other mo creatures users.... Be careful while having an adult cat on your shoulder and riding a Pegasus.. i did that with mine (just to get it home) and my horse went crazy and flew really fast and i couldnt control where it went really.. So! FLY SAFELY! and with kitties not on horses. I havent tried it on any of the other horses.. ( i was afraid )

Any kitty questions! Feel free to ask!
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