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Mo' Creatures Mod Field Guide: Horses

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avatar Jennifer0518
Level 44 : Master Taco
Horses may be the most complex mob in DrZhark's Mo' Creatures Mod. But you'll be glad you've gone through the trouble to tame them, because they're also useful.

How to Tame Horses
You may think that you need a lot of wheat to tame horses, but there is a trick to taming them. First, find a horse (obviously). All you need is a saddle, and an apple. First, you right click on it with the saddle Posted Image, then you right click on it with the apple, then you just name your pet! If you don't have any apples in hand, but you do have wheat, this is a quick guide on how many wheat or bread you should feed it.
Rules for Taming

How to Breed Horses
One specific horse, the black pegasus, the fastest horse that can fly, is fireproof, and can carry stuff like your portable inventory, can only exist through breeding. Each horse has their own genetic value:
Genetic Values

If you add up the sum of the parents, and they total to one of the below, that is what you will get as a result.

Genetic Values Total

To breed two horses, select your two horses, They must have these requirements:
-They must be tame
-They must be fertile (they accept pumpkins, soup, or cake)
-They must be kept within 4 blocks of each other
-You can't be around within 4 blocks
-Other horses can't be around within 8 blocks
-You have to feed them mushroom soup or pumpkins to begin

It usually takes about 1/2 Minecraft day.

Other Horse Info
If you craft a rope, and use it on the horse, it will follow you. Posted Image

You can get a Packhorse, or a black pegasus, to carry your baggage! First, it must be tame, then, you just right click on it with a chest. To activate your inventory, you need to hold a stone shovel or a torch in your hand.

The nightmare can make fire! To do it, you must first have a tame nightmare, then, you have to feed it redstone, once you start riding it, it'll set fire on the ground!

To get off a horse, you have to press shift.

Types of Horses

Light Horse
Posted Image

Brown Horse
Posted Image
Only slightly faster than other horse

Dark horse/Black horse
Posted Image
Faster than others, but hard to tame

Posted Image
You have a 4% chance of finding this horse! Fastest of all horses (besides black pegasus)

Posted Image
You have a 1% chance of finding this one! It's really hard to tame, but you can fly while you ride it!

Pack Horse
Posted Image
This one carries your inventory for you! Just don't wear it out too much!
Posted Image
This one sets fire onto the ground when you feed it redstone. CAREFUL: HAZARD HORSE

Black Pegasus
Posted Image
The best horse you can get! You can only get it by breeding other horsies :)
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