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Mod Review: Call to Battle II 1.7.10

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avatar Seames39
Level 54 : Grandmaster Sailor
So... I wanted to write about a mod I've invested a little bit of time into. By that, I mean too much for my own good... The mod itself being Call to Battle 2 by Beardielover here on Planet Minecraft. The mod is one of many WWII themed mods for Minecraft and essentially turns Minecraft into a blocky version of Call of Duty. The main difference between the two is one is a honest persons attempt to create a fun experience while the other is a rinse and repeat AAA title.

Beardielover is a level 75 with 6 different mods. This will take you to his page. Call to Battle 2 (CTB2 from now on)
is Beardie's most popular of all his mods having 571,943 views last I checked which is 11 times the views of all my projects combined 0_0. First posted back in August of 2016, CTB2 seems to be the focus of all his projects as far as I can tell. The mod and his server get updates about once or twice a month, bringing more weapons, maps, gamemodes, features and other cool things.

Here is a link to the mod page. Try it out!

Beardielover does have a disclaimer message when you first use the mod, asking wether or not you want to see Swasticas. Use at your own discretion.

Enough talking, Time to look at the mod itself.
The current version of the mod opens with its very own menu screen, I don't see this much with mods. the big Play button is for connecting to the mods very own server, where you can fight other players just like a AAA FPS (First Person Shooter). The mod is installed through Forge and is compatible with Optifine.

The mod also has its own options menu and keybinds. Click Options and you will see a button called CTB in the bottom left.

In this options page are the mods options, ranging from gun volume to various graphical settings.

I would reccommend first time users try the mod in a creative world first, to get a feel for the weapons and features of it.

The creative menu features an extension for the various weapons, uniforms and even some blocks that it adds. CTB2 currently features weapons and uniforms for the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Norway, Poland, Japan, Romania and Finland. You can also customize weapons with scopes, bayonets, grips, stocks and such. Swords are also avaiable if you want to slice and dice. Beardie does plan to add more nations and weapons in the future.
In creative, just like a bow, you don't need the ammunition in your inventory to shoot them. However, in survival you will burn through the Magazines and strip clips as you shoot your firearm.
The Uniforms section holds all of the outfits and can be customized to suit your needs. They don't affect your gameplay aside from some being more noticable than others. Different uniforms range from standard infantry to officers and snipers.
The above image is an example of the unifroms. As you can see, they aren't pixelated and have more complex models than what you usually see. This example also has a Colt M1911 on display.

There is also a decent range of blocks and decorative blocks you can use for WWII maps. Beardie's server uses these a lot and most just work as decoration.
This is an example of the decorations as seen from the CTB Server on the Iheyajima map. The Mortar is not usable, just a decoration. However, you can find crates on the server with flame throwers you can use. BURN EM' OUT
Strangely enough, there are also fences, just normal wood fences... There is also a new dirt, 3 different versions of it with varying degrees of grass on them. Metal ladders which function like normal ladders. Bunker lamps which are your fancy new light source. crosses to fill the cemetaries... A bunker door which you can lock. Czech Hedge Hogs. Sand bags and some other things.
Now prepare to meet your WORST nightmare! Barbed Wire. This stuff is all over Beardies maps and they will kill you if you stay in them too long. I have seen many chickens walk into this stuff and just die... It kills anything that gets too close. and you can't stop its mighty power.
Well, you can't stop the wire unless you have Wire Cutters, available with your local engineer. Some explosives also work, just don't blow yourself up.

The mod also has grenades so be ready for grenade spam Muhahahahaha The different grenades can be thrown different distances depending on what you use. The German Stick Grenade (Stielhandgranate) can be thrown the farthest.
The grenades do cause a strange visual glitch when you throw them into or near water. The water gets very dark but it only lasts for about half a second. It dosen't always happen, but its very noticable when it does.
The Mod also allows you to change your stance beyond just shift clicking. Also known as the 'I have to poo' stance. The new stances change your hitbox and make you harder to see or hit. They do take some getting used to but you can change the keybinds in the CTB options as you see fit.
Now lets talk about these firearms. There are currently a total of 170 different guns from 9 different countries you can use. They range from Pistols, revolvers, rifles, Sub machine guns, Light and Heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, Anti Tank rifles, a flame thrower, experimental weapons and 40 different mountable attachments like bayonets, suppressors, stocks, compensators, scopes and more. The above image shows the Type 4 Japanese Rifle and its reload animation or rather a still frame, no gifs today
crawling through the dirt does dirty your weapons which will make fully-automatic weapons very vulnerable to jams. You can clean them by going into water which will remove the chance of a jam. Some weapons also have different firing modes, so you can change from fully-automatic to semi-automatic with certain weapons.
The weapons do have a in hand collision box. This means that when you point them at a block right in front of you, it will turn away, and you can't use it until you make room for it. You can also shoot through certain things like doors, water (somehow), leaves, glass, fences, and some others I can't think of.
The above image is me on the server itself. I am low on health and ammunition, but I still just got a guy. You can heal yourself and others with bandages and morphine.
Leaving the battlefield will give you the above message, it will kill you if you stay out of the playing area. You can also commit suicide with your firearm, K key by default will point your gun at yourself, then you just fire.
The start of each match allows you to pick which side you are fighting for. You can't overload one side or the other so you get a 5 vs 1 scenario, but it is possible if enough players on one team leave the match. Pressing M by default allows you to change sides.
At the end of each match you vote for which map you go to next. The selection is randomized by category from the various available map. The selection currently features 3 of my own maps ^_^ (Normandy, Tarawa Atoll and Iheyajima/Hacksaw Ridge) If you contact Beardielover and get permission, you can have your own maps added to the selection, but Beardie ultimately decides wether to add a map or not. (It is his server and mod, so that makes sense)

Closing thoughts

It is clear to me that Beardielover has poured hours of work into this mod and countinues to do so with unrelenting force just like the Russians. He has mastered his craft with his 170+ models just like the Germans have (mostly). His passion for his work shows as much as the Japanese fighting spirit. I have no doubt that his visions of the future will countinue to march on, just like the British. Through experience and more hard work, more features will be added, more players will have fun, and more dreams will be made reality, just like the United States has for me.

I look forward to what comes next when Beardie's machines of war create a mod for Minecraft worth remembering, I rate this mod 5 out of 5 Bearded Beardielover's.
Here's another link to the mod page!
I shall return with a vengance soon, Until next time folks!

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  • Beardielover
  • Level 75
  • Legendary Programmer
  • January 4, 2019, 8:34 am
Wow, thank you so much for this amazing review!

5 out of 5 Bearded Beardielover's..... xD That made me laugh
  • Seames39
  • Level 54
  • Grandmaster Sailor
  • January 4, 2019, 9:49 am
Hahahaha :D

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