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Mojang adding Turltes!!!

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avatar Turtleundercove
Level 21 : Expert Explorer
There's been a small rumor going around the Mojang is going to add tons of things to Minecraft. Mojang came out and said by accident that they where releasing new turtles add to Minecraft. With that there will be new food called turtle stew and shells you can use for banned designs.

The update will add three different types of turtles. You will have your sea turtle which is like a squid in the ocean and you can see them. There spawn rates are supposedly pretty high and they will only spawn in oceans. These will also drop prismeranien and sea lanterns.

The next turtle is a land turtle and it spawns next to rivers and ponds across the world. They will walk on land very slowly and swim very fast when in water. The turtles also can drop stuff like dirt, fish, and seeds. This turtle will be the most commonly found in minecraft.

The last turtle I could find much information about. Mojang is still thinking about adding the snapping turtle which spawns everywhere the land turtle spawns. This turtle will be able to fight back and will do a lot of damage.

This update is suppose to come out early January but know Microsoft/Mojang they could delay it or not have it finished by then. I really want this to happen if you want to hear more about updates subscribe and comment if you want to hear more I will do my best to find stuff out for you. Also comment if you want turtles to be added to Minecraft.

12/18/2017 7:30 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Could you give us a link to where you found said information? :P
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