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[Monthly Blog #1] Funny/Trolly things to make in Minecraft..

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avatar GerganaGZ
Level 43 : Master Musician
Hey Guys! This is my first monthly blog, that I'm starting to upload and wrote. I like to write blogs, because actually I'm one of the blog writers of my school, so that turned into a hobby for me ;D So I decided to start making these monthly blogs.. for fun.

OK, Let's start
Sometimes if you're playing Minecraft from too long, it becomes a little bit boring. You know all the things - how to build, how to find diamonds, how to beat this stupid stupid Dragon and etc. But now I will tell you what I'm making, when I'm little bored in Minecraft. Mainly I'm trolling when I'm bored in the servers, where I'm opped, so don't blame me... I'm a bit troller :D

1. Spawn "Ghosts"
That is one of my favorite things. If you installed my One Command "Advanced Bosses" and fight with the Wither, you will know what I'm talking about. Actually these "Ghosts" are invisible charged creepers (I saw that from MagmaMusen's video "10 Things you didn't know about Creepers"). This is pretty fun troll, mostly for new players.. Or players, that didn't know about charged creepers :D. When I was playing in Bulgarian Server, that there I was opped, I just spawn several charged invisible creepers and make them act like ghosts, and troll the new players. It was pretty fun, actually.
Command for spawning them: /summon Creeper ~ ~ ~ {powered:1,ActiveEffects:[{Id:14,Duration:1000000,Amplifier:1}]}


2. Spawn "Boom" Animals
That is pretty fun command, too, if we are talking about trolling. Just paste this command and see the magic XD
/summon PrimedTnt ~ ~1 ~ {Fuse:120,Riding:{id:"Cow",CustomName:"Booom Cow"}}
Actually this is for exploding cow. You can change the id in the part Riding:{id:"Cow",CustomName:"Booom Cow"} to another mob (ex. Pig, Sheep, Wolf ..), the name of the mob too, if you see the thing in CustomName. When you spawn the mob, you will watch how it has TNT on it, but from the big fuse, it will dissapear for a moment and later it will blow. When it dissapears, the other players will say "Oh.. it dissapear.. You scared me, lel!" and later will blow.. Hehehehe


3. Make Chicken Bomb
Ah... the old, old chicken bomb, that causes a little bit... server lag, maybe CPU too. To make this bomb, just grab an chicken egg, place a block in the air by /setblock ~ ~ ~ stone and start spawning chickens at this block. Just aim at the top of the block, start spawning for a minute, and later break the block underneath it, and watch the painful magic.


4. Make Sand/Gravel Trap and wait until somebody fall
You know now the tall flowers, that are 2 blocks high.. With them actually you can make pretty cool animal/player traps. I saw that from one of LogDotZip's videos and now I will show you this idea. I don't know if this will work on the future 1.9 version, but let's explain this. Place a double tall grass flower (flower, that is 2 blocks high). After this, hold shift and jump (or stay on a block) and place a sand/gravel block on top of it. On top of the sand/gravel place a string. After that, just break the BOTTOM of the flower and you will see flowing sand/gravel. Now if you step on it, you will fall down. This is pretty useful trap, and also after you do this, you can for example place some lava underneath it. But one more thing, that you need to know: Do not break/place any block around this, because it will be updated and it will fall, and why the string is placed there - it will update the block and you will fall. Good for trolling, too XD


5. Play with some commands
If you want to make something different from building, mining and etc., to play with commands actually it is not pretty boring as you thought, and what I'm making the most of my free time (for one commands..), maybe and the most redstoners here. It has a full list of commands, that you can play with it and discover them. You can make fire swords, chat trolls, flying minecarts, even spawn fire charges, that has HUUUGE explosion, and more and more things, that is in your imagination, but for that you need to practise and know what makes these commands. That's why I'm making "One Command Creations", it is fun to test different things with different commands and a lot of other things.. If this is boring, let's hope into other things, that I will write here :D


6. Flying mobs.. wait, wut?
That is pretty fun, and pretty easy too. Let's hope into Creative Mode.... Done. OK, let's grab now a lead and tie an animal. Now let's fly around it.. That is a bit trolling too. Actually, when it was add the lead item, I was playing a lot of it. Making some flying horses, by tieing them and fly around. You will see in that way, that if you are flying, later go straight down, the animal that you are holding will die. Surprising, but true, in that way you can scare some of the players. Just fly upwards, later fall straight down with an animal, and later go back fly, but when the animal reach the head of the player... In that way I scared my big brother.. more than 5 times, lel. For extra funny momments, drink an invisible potion OR /effect @p invisibility 1000000 1 true for no particles and for longer time.. yep :D Hope, that you will not make your friend to broke his keyboard from that (#justsarcasm)


7. Make cool song with noteblocks or /playsound
That is actually funny, for the most musicians/music lovers here. You know the Note block.. Why to not make a funny door bell with sounds, or make a cool song with the playsound command and a little bit magic of the command blocks? I'll start work soon of one big project with these noteblocks and /playsound commands, why you not to start now? You know - experiment, use some repeaters and etc.. I'm making this a lot of times, when I'm bored A LOT.
This little explation down there really sounds like crying donkey ..


8. Play with tnt
That is the most funny thing and old, but funny thing in Minecraft. Now with commands you can troll even more with tnt. TNT!
Alright, let's stop screaming like a horse tnt...
You can make several things with tnt, and later blow it:

- Blow your friend's house. If it is big, use /fill command (ex. /fill [coords] [coords 2] tnt 0 replace air)
- Make a MEGA ULTRA SUPER HUGE cube of tnt with /fill and blow it! Watch the damages in your world XD
- Make TNT launchers with some slime blocks and dispensers and other things, and blow things
- More more things, in your mind
- To blow your mom's house


9. Play with one commands for trolling.
Did you know IJAMinecraft or RedEngineer?

IJAMinecraft and RedEngineer has awesome trolling one command creations, so if you want you can install them (from install them, I mean paste the commands into command blocks and power them... Yep). Use the items, to troll the players... I mean, why not :P They are a bit fun and also tricky, so yeah...
*Flying squids everywhere*

Ija's trolling command, click here for it!
RedEng's trolling command, click here again for it!

So, that's it, what I'm making in Minecraft, when I'm bored. And now you will think "You are pretty evil", yep I am XD.
So hope you like this blog, it is not pretty helpful, but maybe the next monthly blog will be more interesting... maybe.

CreditGerganaGZ, A Donkey, PinkSheep#6712666886123, Your Mom

09/01/2015 5:04 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
Legacy Official
Keep going, please! XD
09/01/2015 5:10 am
Level 43 : Master Musician
Oh, I will.. Hope, that you enjoy it (if your comment is not sarcasm) :) :D
09/01/2015 6:11 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
Legacy Official
Its not! i find it funny XD
09/01/2015 6:18 am
Level 43 : Master Musician
I'm glad that you like it XD
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