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Moosecraft [Server Review]

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avatar Nildrak
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First Impression
When I joined the server for the first time, I immediately thought back to when I first starting playing Minecraft in Beta 1.7. The spawn wasn't anything complex, or massive, or flamboyant; the spawn was simple, a small pavilion type area with one path going into each cardinal direction.
It felt like a true survival server, with none of the extra crap that most owners tend to put in these days.
At the time, I was the only person online other than a co-owner, however that co-owner was extremely friendly and immediately welcomed me to the server.
The co-owner, Jordan, was more than willing to answer my questions.


Note: The founder of the server logged in right before I asked the final question, so it was perfect timing for me to ask Moosecoop (the founder) why he started the server.
All other questions were answered by Jordan, another co-owner of the server.

What's the goal of this server?
Basically to make everyone happy and become one of the big servers.
         -If you become one of the 'big servers' will the server likely change to fit the interest of players?

Where do you 'honestly' see the server, one year from now?
If we can work hard enough, and try to get the server out there, maybe a pretty decent pro server.

Does the name have any hidden meanings behind it?
It was named after our founder's dog :P

What's one word you would use to describe the server?

What made you want to start a Minecraft server?
Well, I wanted to you know, make a place for everyone to have fun and a good server that parents can feel safe when their kids are on.


The server at a first glance is very simplistic. Many of Minecraft's younger players may find the server 'boring', simply because it is not full of minigames or random additions
everywhere, however for someone who wants to enjoy a legitimate survival gamemode with a bunch of friends, Moosecraft definitely fits that criteria.

The staff members I spoke with were very friendly and more than willing to answer my random and strange questions (I never mentioned why I was asking them).

By the time I finished asking my questions, and began formatting this post, the server had 6 other players on, all of which were interactive without cursing at each other, and were being quite polite towards each other.  

Though the spawn was very simple, to the point of being almost nonexistent, it was for that reason that I found an instant attraction to the server. They didn't try to be something
which they clearly werent. They were not a tiny server with a massive spawn, in other words, they weren't overcompensating for any reason.

If you are a player who wants to play survival, yes, legitimate survival, Moosecraft may potentially be the server for you to join. The players are friendly, the staff are
kind, and the experience is definitely a throw-back to those beta survival servers which focused on a survival community.


IP: play.moosecraftserver.com:25583
Website: www.moosecraftserver.com/
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