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avatar DestinyThePug
Level 5 : Apprentice Artist
Hmm... What shall I write about today? Ooh! I know!
Just Like Me

Ah, how it feels wonderful to be dead. You know that time when I was alive? That was fun. Hmm. I have one question for you. Are you alive?
You are? I'm envious. I'm also furious. I'm out to get you, Violet Harmonis. Watch out.


Chapter 1
"Why are we doing this?"
"To show that we deserve it."
Madyson pushes me toward the car. I was sweating like crazy, and I am an angel and a teacher's pet.
"Come on!"
I yell it. Mad stares at me.
"Fine. I will."
I almost scream for her not to.
"Please! What if..."
She stops.
"What? What if what?"
I hesitate. "Nothing."
The school bell rings. I rush inside.
As I walk out of class, I look at the time.
"Shoot. Where's Madyson? She's supposed to be here n-"
Someone is screaming and yelling and there is crying and running. I look to see what the commotion is, and try to push through the crowd. A teacher arrived, and shooed us all off to lunch.
I eat with Blaze. He stares at me, I stare at him. I think about how he is really hilariously stupid, and how he flirts with me, and how cute he i-
DID I JUST SAY BLAZER WAS CUTE? Oh my gosh, I did! Do I really have a crush on him? No, I can't... this is so akward! Ugh...

Chapter Two- Want more? Leave a diamond and/or subscribe! Thanks! ^-^

XD I was reeeally bored. Hope you enjoyed!
CreditWhy do they let us put random stuff in this box its really fun tho

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BLAZER=BLAZE Sorry I meant to fix that XD

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