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More than a game - A Commonality | A tale of this little game, and I

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avatar NauticalNonsense
Level 32 : Artisan Electrician
What makes me a Minecrafter? That's a tough question, even after five years of playing the game, honing my skills to become more than good.

I guess it's not entirely what made me a Minecrafter, but rather what Minecraft made me in this case.

I try to avoid saying the word "Minecrafter". It just sounds a bit superficial. I honestly don't even know what other word I'd use to replace it though. Minecraft-Enthusiast? I'll just keep writing this out, using the word Minecrafter for the sake of the theme.

In yonder beginning...

I first began playing the game when I was of eleven years of age, back in July of 2011. At the time, I had only really played old-school console games like Ocarina of Time or Super Smash Bros. Melee. PC-Gaming was a whole new realm to me. I had no idea what I was getting into. But it enticed me into loving it more than any other game. Little did I know how big of an impact it would leave on me. Certainly one I will never forget. My friend and older brother had first started playing the game a few weeks before me. My antecedent thought was that the game was pretty dumb, almost stupid really when they introduced it to me. But after a few hours it had grown on me, and I'd often pester my brother to let me play on his account. The very first thing I sought out to do really was climb the tallest mountains within my render distance, and mark them with dirt pillars to tell which ones I had climbed already. What makes me a Minecrafter? My strive for achievement, and to reach the farthest points of the game. Climbing those mountains was only a start to becoming what I am now today at the game.

Very soon after, I had purchased my own account, under the same username I use today (Still surprised it wasn't yet taken.) I had played the game for abounding amounts of hours at a time back then. I was totally hooked, addicted, whatever you want to call the drive. I couldn't stop myself from playing, in fact for a while it almost got in the way of my education, despite only being in around the fifth-sixth grade. I spent copious ages to myself, always at work on my Single-Player world. To me it was just my world. My own little place to be by myself, no rules, nothing to abide by. I still have that world today, but I don't look back. That first world was just scratching the surface of learning the ropes to the game.

After a few weeks...

I soon discovered multiplayer. I was an excited, annoying eleven year-old who had just began his first online multiplayer game. This whole experience opened my eyes to the entirety of the gaming culture. Back then I thought I was ready for anything, not expecting to play the game for nearly as long as I have now. But whatever I was thinking, I couldn't expect in a million years what would unfold, the people I met, the projects I built, and the communities I became a part of.

This little game gave me all of that, and it is probably more than responsible for shaping me into who I am today, and the way I think. My whole mindset on the world. I'm not saying I sometimes hallucinate the real world to be Minecraft, I'm not THAT brainwashed. But I've had my fair share of dreams that take place in the game. I don't think thats normal. Well it's too late to go back now anyways. I have no regrets.

From the moment I entered multiplayer, it spawned a whole journey, expedition into the world of PC-Gaming. I have been on hundreds of servers since. On multiple occasions there would be over fifty on my server list. I witnessed the rise and fall of enormous server networks, and even worked for more than a few. On all of these servers, I practiced. I was always working on some project, some enormous proposal to what would eventually become my next largest, most impressive build. I was always working on something more substantial in size than the last.

After a few years, I saw through the entire lifetimes of those servers I'd come to love so dearly. Though it did make me a bit sad at first, I knew I couldn't prevent their fate, no matter how much I donated. Every good server dies eventually, unless you count Hypixel and Mineplex of course... But it was the friends on those servers I had met that remained eternal. And though those servers met their end, I still hold my friends close, because they are all I have to remember the good ol' days, when things were more simple.

Nowadays, I have a custom-built desktop, a whole setup specific for not only gaming in general, but typically working on Minecraft projects. It's odd to see how far I've come. Looking back on where it all began, it's hard to imagine what I once was, oblivious to everything. I was once what you'd call a 'Noob', as we all were at first. But with a determination to learn, and a thrilling interest in the topic, I grew out of my shell.

More Recently...

Lately, now in my mid-teens, my life hasn't been the easiest. Whether it's making my way through the difficulties of High-School, to the harsh drama of parental divorce, all difficult parts in life, those friends I had made on those servers have aided me through. The stereotypes of the annoying player-base of Minecraft is completely false. The people, friends I've made on here are quality-folk who genuinely do care for your well-being. Friends are a great thing to have, and there are more than plenty out there, idling on the multitude of servers out there. There are so many communities, groups and individual servers composed of fellow players just like you, all specific to their own part of the game, that are more than happy to be your buddy.

Even with all the chaos today, specifically around the time posting this blog, with all these cop-shootings, terror attacks, and so-on, Minecraft helps me take my mind off of the tragedies of life. When I play this game, all my worries melt away. That is why I love Sandbox Games so much, they're always so relaxing. It's your own, private little resort. Nobody can tell you what to do.

Though those days of my favorite servers have passed, I'll never forget the memories I have of them. As of now, I am pretty much a 'jack of all trades' at this point. Over half a decade of playing Minecraft, I have learned pretty much every aspect of it. I am a more-than-modest builder, redstoner, skinner... you name it, I can do it. It was my strive to not only become great, but to have fun in the process. The enjoyment I have gotten out of this game makes me feel very fulfilled. Though my brother, friends who first showed me it, the very people who are responsible for me becoming a member of this game, etcetera... have all quit the game long ago, I still keep on going. They had all lost their faith in Minecraft, with the whole EULA phase, Notch selling out to Microsoft, all the blocks in the road that I saw through to the other side. I don't know why I haven't given up yet. I guess I kind of want to be the last-man-standing in a way.

Some say Minecraft is dying, I guess that is somewhat true. The golden ages have definitely passed. There is always light at the end of the tunnel though. I don't see myself quitting anytime soon. I've always loved this game. It spawned a cult-following that brought it to becoming one of the most popular games of all time, and knowing that I played the game throughout all of that, I witnessed it take off faster than any other game I'd seen... that was great. It still is great. This game is absolutely amazing. Despite what people say about it, I will always love Minecraft. What makes me a Minecrafter? My willingness to learn and what I've learned already.

I still look back at what I can remember from when I first started. I often wonder what I would be like if I had never found this magnificent game. The simplicity, but yet the entire style of the game was revolutionary. Since the game reached the climax of it's hype, many have tried to hop aboard the train with cheap knockoffs. Minecraft kicked off an entire generation of games.

This wasn't just a story about me, but an example of the inspiration this game proceeds to spread. This was a tale of Commonality, Community and Compassion.

This Blog took 1500 words to write, 0 spare.


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07/27/2016 7:06 pm
Level 41 : Master Professor
Peridot XJ9
This... Is Beautiful! A Winner is you! (If I were a Judge xD)

To be honest with you, I'm 16 Right Now, and so far, I've had little issues with my life. I'm just that chill person who just kinda ignores all the problems in the world, or tries to stop them with love and hope.

BTW: When you said July 2011, That Might be when I turned 11! :O

Long Live Minecraft, even if 1.10 is turning it to Garbage. xD I wish you the best of luck on winning! :D
07/27/2016 8:24 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Electrician
Ayyyy thanks for the feedback. :) This actually only took around an hour to type up initially. I have updated it a few times, and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Yours is very nice too. I wouldn't be surprised if we both made it to the Finals. Though only 60 blogs have entered so far, a bit too early to call it though.
07/26/2016 6:39 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Warrior
10/10 I cried when I read this
07/26/2016 6:42 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Electrician
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