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Movie Review: Batman v. Superman

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avatar Quasimodovaraan
Level 40 : Master Button Pusher
he guys i know that for this movie its maybe kinda late but i just wanted to review it so stop reading if your gonna be a little b*tch about it. well i hope you enjoy reading :D.

Should you watch it?
well i liked this did enjoy the movie but if you dont like movies with a BS story you really shouldnt watch it. but ofc if your like me and you can enjoy a movie that doesnt make sence atall i highly recomend watching it. ofc if you just want to stay up to date with the DC universe i highly recomend it cause there are some things you should know to stay up to date ;).

so dont say i didnt warn you.

what side did i prefer?
when i started to watch the movie i was 100% batman cause i never rlly liked superman but later in the movie i started to get my respect for both of the chacacters. i rlly started to get even respect for both at the point in the movie when batman gets randomly super emotional over the name of supermans mother wich id the same as his own. after that i realized how much these characters have in common. and when they started working together i really enjoyed it.

The plot
i didnt really like the plot but i guess it can do its just a litle bit worse then civil war. anyway it did make more sence then civil war. that might sound a little weird but really they atleast didnt fight for no reason but the way it was setup was just so weak. another thing i didnt like was how easy everything was good between those 2. they were in a huge fight and almost kill eachother but just because there mother had the same name they dont hate eachother anymore wich was kinda weird if you think about it. and its not even like the movie made it look normal. anyway thats about everything i thought of the plot.

Characters: 7/10
viewer satisfaction: 6/10
ending: 5/10
animations: 7/10
total result: 6,25/10

End word: good-weird

CreditQuasimdovaraan, DC, everyone in the comments

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