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Movie review: captain america Civil War

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avatar Quasimodovaraan
Level 40 : Master Button Pusher
He guys so this is my first movie review and OFC its about captain amerika civil war :D.

Should you watch?
so i normaly dont like marvel movies and prefer DC movies. but this was an amazing movie to watch. the fun thing about this movie is that it doesnt matter for what side you chose and its REALLY well made for that cause in the end both sides win in there own way but they still got some epic fights done. so i would say that you really should watch it cause it is really amazing and so well done for both sides.

so dont say i didnt warn you.

What side did i prefer?
well i was ofc for team Iron man (now dont hate please :D). i just liked it more cause i never really liked captain america and ironman has always bin my favourite superhero in the marverl universe. i also really liked that they got spiderman into this to bad its a rebood of spiderman AGAIN. anyway i dont want to give team iron man all the credits cause i also really like ant-man and im so happy he could be a part of this movie :D.

the plot
well to be honest the plot was kinda weak in my opinion but its still stronger then batman v superman.
i mean its just about the accords that they have to sign and yes i get that one half didnt like it but rlly it wasnt that well done. i mean i get they didnt fight eachother cause of the accords but about a assasin group but now that the goverment can have help from team iron-man there is no reason for captain amarica to fight the enemy aswell. and then he also fights Iron man wich is bassicly fighting someone who wants to do your dangerous work. i get that its all heroeic and stuff but really they could just not fight team Iron-man and try to do it later. BUT HE THATS JUST MY OPINION SO PLEASE DON'T HATE, thx.

Characters: 7/10
viewer satisfaction: 8/10
ending: 6/10
animations: 7/10
total result: 7/10

End word: Worthit
CreditMarvel, Quasimodovaraan, everyone in the comments

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