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Movie review: Troll 2

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avatar Quasimodovaraan
Level 40 : Master Button Pusher
hello everyone, so uhm i found this AMAZINGLY (not) great movie. and i thought i should share my experience with you guys :D.

Should you watch it?
yes ofc its amazing :D. but rlly lets get serious about thise movie for e sec. i mean its like so bad and in my opnion thats a reason to watch it (PRO TIP: watch it with a good friend). this movie is so terrible bad that me and my friend had to finnish waching it cause its just funny to see how bad a movie can fail :D.

but really this movie is so bad that it has its own documatairy... its on netflix for people that are interested.

so well spoilers from here on.... but rlly if you are want to be suprised by this movie... your a sad person.

the story
so the story is about a family that moved into a new town called Nilbog that is.... haunted by Goblins i guess. the main character is a little kid that tries to free the town nilbog from the goblins using the help of his dead grandpa. and yes i know nilbog is goblin backwards i mean its obvious.... anyway the goblins use some weird kind of green slime to turn people into new goblins... and no the people in the movie doesnt notice that they eat green burgers/bread/water/any other kind of food.

Characters: 1/10
viewer satisfaction: 8/10
ending: 1/10
animations: 0/10
total result: 2,5/10

End word: DONT
CreditQuasimodovaraan, everyone in the comments, NOPE

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