My 2 Top Minecraft OCD's, What's yours?

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avatar Bert_g6
Level 42 : Master Herobrine
I have these 2 "Minecraft OCD's" and if I don't do them I kinda spaz out. Here's my top 2.

2. I always dig/build in 2, or multiple's of 2, like: 2,4,6.... and so on. If i did any of these in 3's, I would die on the inside.

1. My number 1 Minecraft OCD is defintly: a nice organised inventory. I always have a place for all my items in my inventory that looks right. Like whenever my friend goes strip mining, he fills his inventory with extra stone tools. That makes me mad when he can just use iron, or diamond.

Those are my Minecraft OCD's, now what's yours? Post a comment telling me your Minecraft OCD's!

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Update #1 : 08/26/2012 11:16:31 amAug 26th, 2012

Made the picture for it.

08/30/2012 10:52 am
Level 1 : New Miner
There is never enough food in storage! (Always have atleast a stack of pork or something in your storage)
If you can enter easily, you did it wrong (Always have a nice and redstone protected entrance)
08/25/2012 1:31 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Architect
Too many! Have to build in twos, like you said, the battlements of a castle have to be evenly spaced, no exceptions, I can't even think of other things now. :)
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