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My Dream!!!!!

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BitNotPretending avatar BitNotPretending
Level 34 : Artisan Hunter
I just dream a same thing about 3 times. And im gonna tell you guys....

So its all start in dark tunnel. I was chase by something kinda light i dunno. Its chase behind me like want to kill me. I run while i cry. Then i fell...... The light stop chasing me.

Then i look right in front of me there is guy i dunno but that guy wearing black clock and wearing mask. Like in the photo. I keep crying.......

Then the guy told me to stand up. And he gave me a same mask like he wearing. He told me to wear it.... Then i wear, i stop crying... He show me a mirror. I look at the mirror and start smiling. And the most weird is I said FINALLY!!!! so loud....

I turn back and go the light but still wear the mask. When i enter the light i start laughing........

I dont remember much what i said but i said : I WILL DO ANYTHING TO COVER THIS LIGHT FROM DARKNESS......(low tone)

Then i wake up and i take shower...... I look at the mirror in my bathroom and the mask in my dream kinda fit to my face.....

its weird but it is true
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