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My experience on the PMC Soda Smp (so far)

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If you haven't seen IGEBM's Days 1-7 posts about the server, check them out on the Soda SMP blog here.

Well, IGEBM (bm for short), OrderOfChaos (Chaos for short) and me (TheMcParrot, Parrot for short), were the first players of the Smp of the PMC Soda Community. Since then, there's been bases built, statues created, shops advertised, diamonds collected, and more. It's been a great and fun spot for me and others to hang out. (Want to join? Read the bottom of this page.)

I'll get started on MY story of me playing on the server.

Day 1:
Me and Chaos were the very first to join, followed by bm. We pretty much started to collect wood and stone, typical Minecraft things. Bm went on a hill and collected my stuff when I died to an enderman, and eventually I started building my first base. It was simple, it had a door, some wood logs and planks, but it lead to a small underground hole to rest at. Bm would die, come back to the hole spot, leave, die again, and the cycle repeated. This base would later be co-owned by me and him in the next day. We started gathering more resources, and Bm would go and try to find Chaos' base a few times, but eventually, we all logged off for the night, and that was it for day 1.

Day 2:
This day started off with me, bm, Chaos, and a new member; OneEyedFreak (Freak for short)! For a little while, Freak got her resources, Chaos and I went mining, and we were just doing normal stuff. Bm would eventually go and spy on Freak multiple times (it didn't end well for bm) and still hasn't learned his lessons. In this day, I actually managed to win the armor race, and I got full iron. I also made a big pond in the cave/house to fish in, but I needed to dig out the whole ceiling (you need sunlight to be able to fish) and put fences around the hole in the ground. Later, I managed to capture a zombie villager in a boat, but apparently in bedrock, mobs still despawn in a boat (ugh). Other than those events, nothing else really happened, other than bm getting a mini heart attack when chaos almost caught him (and kinda me) looking for his base.

Day 3:
At the start of day 3, I wasn't online. Nothing really happened while I was gone other than Chaos and bm talking, visiting bases, Freak killing bm, that sort of thing. When I got on, I decided to move out of the base of bm and me. Bm was sad, but I explained that since we're so close to spawn, we're vulnerable to new players who don't respect the rules. Bm agreed, and I took my stuff and my dog to (accidentally) Chaos island. When Chaos found out, he said he'd pay me 10 iron to move to somewhere else. I agreed, and decided to move to a new island down the river, which the river connected the mainland and Chaos island. I settled on now what is known as Parrot island (one day I'll get actual parrots for it). I started to build my cute little base, and settled down for the night. Bm also moved out of the cave house and into one near my island, and turned the cave house into a hotel for new players. Eventually, bm logged off for the night, and when he was offline, I managed to get to the nether. Eventually, me and Chaos logged off, and that was it.

Unfortunately, during days 4-6 I was grounded from playing, and on day 7, bm turned the server on when I was asleep, so I didn't play then. However, I know what happened because of bm's blogs, so here's a brief summary:

On day 4, bm pretty much was moving items to his new base, making changes to the hotel, and walking around. Freak was on for a little bit, doing regular things, and chaos was on for a bit too, and he was starting to make a statue. Other than that, nothing else really happened.
On day 5, Chaos kept working on his statue, which was inspired by the lord of the rings (is behind me in the picture). Bm visited some other members, and that was it.
On day 6. the day pretty much consisted of Freak killing bm, chaos trying to steal bones, and bm working on his base. Nothing special.
On day 7, bm was the only one on, so he was lonely. He pretty much walked around, did some other stuff, then logged off.

Day 8 (Today):
(Side note: sometime this day Chaos finished his statue, I don't know when exactly.) This day was especially huge for me, because I got the first diamonds on the server! At the start of the day, I decided to create a mine. I did, and when I got to the right height, I found the diamonds while I was making my little "mining hub"! I exclaimed in chat, and Chaos congratulated me. I instantly got more inspiration and went deeper and started mining. In about half an hour, I found 2 more veins of diamonds. After, I decided to take everything I got and craft up some armor and tools. About this time, bm logged on. Earlier, he had made it so me and Chaos can also turn on the server, without having to bug bm. Anyway, when bm saw me, he complimented my chestplate. After some talking and visiting, I went back to my base and dug a big room underground for chests, furnaces, my nether portal, and other stuff. Eventually, I went mining again, and got tons of more diamonds! After, I went up to my big room and crafted the last three pieces of diamond armor I needed to make a full set. I also made a diamond axe and shovel to complete the tools. Eventually, with my new found happiness, I decided to make another room beside the one I already made. I built a chicken egg farm, but when I got a chicken's attention with seeds, a creeper blew it up! I had to fill up the creeper hole with dirt so it looks nice again. After that, I had to log off temporarily because I had to eat dinner.
After dinner, I headed back on again, and worked more on enchanting. Before I logged off for dinner, I got an enchanting table and an anvil, but left them in my inventory. I placed them down and started enchanting. Once I was done, I had a full set of enchanted diamond armor and tools. Around this time, Chaos logged off. After getting the enchants, I went to check out bm's new house (shown on the right of the picture) which I hadn't seen until then. Me and him talked, and he said he was going to make a shop where he sells crops, meat, food, and other items. I told him it was a cool idea, and he got to work. When it was done, I told him his price for bread was too high, so he decided to give me the bread for one piece of coal and 10 cobblestone (a find deal for me, I had tons of the stuff). After, I fixed his prices, added torches to his shop, and that was about it for the day.

If you want to join the Smp, you have to join the PMC Soda Group first! The link to the group is here. Just put a post in the guest book and bm will most likely invite you!

Well, I hope you enjoyed MY story of the server. If you have anything I missed, drop a comment.

Anyway, cya!

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01/26/2023 8:19 am
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One thing:
I started my monolith on day 5, and finished it on day 8.
01/26/2023 9:04 pm
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01/26/2023 7:09 am
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IGEBM avatar
Nice to hear the story from another player's perspective.

Also, in that first link, you can link the Soda SMP collection (which I also just added this blog to), since the group is also linked at the bottom and, well, in the name of the poster.
01/26/2023 9:04 pmhistory
Level 40 : Master Birb
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Edit: Nevermind you did it, thanks
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