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My Experince with Servers, Q's + A's

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Rebel24 avatar Rebel24
Level 53 : Grandmaster Cyborg
I own the server at jrnetwork.net and I have some brilliant admins and nmoderators and the community is really really fun and entertaining.

People always ask how do I do this, how do I do that and most of the time I don't get a chance to answer the hundreds of questions each day so here nis a list of questions I have been asked.

What are the specs of JR's Server:

24GB Ram DDR3
Intel i7 920 @ 2.66 GHZ
Enough harddrive space to kill a man (2 TB)
1 GBit NIC

How can we afford the server we have?

Thanks to the community we are able to pay for our very powerful server. This makes us one of the best places to play minecraft on, If it wasn'tn for our community we would not be as good as we are.
We offer VIP memberships and we hope that you can donate to keep us running :)

What makes us strong, Why do people choose us?

Well there are many reasons, Some I won't give away ;) But for the most part we make sure the community enjoys what we do, We don't restrict everything. We allow flying, we have one of the most powerful servers seen on minecraft and we like to have fun!

Do you like working with game servers? Do I ever get sick of it

No, I don't get sick of what I love to do. Yes sometimes i can be a bit nagitating but most of the time its all fun. Managing JR can get a bit nhectic with the thousands of people that view and play our gaming servers each day.

How hard is it setting up a Minecraft server and how hard is it to manage?

Minecraft servers are one of the most power hungry games out there, to keep a good, usable server we require to use a lot of RAM, for example JR's Minecraft is running on 24GB dedicated ram an i7 .... ok that is overkill but for a optimum 25 slot server I recommend at least 4 GB of ram, a decent dual core processor and a lot of bandwidth.
It's easy enough to set up a server, as long as you know how to work with .yml files and use bukkit you will not have issues.
Management of a server can get complex from maintenance to managing users.

Why bukkit?

Its easy to add and make plugins for, its the best server wrapper out their and is supported by a lot of plugin developers!
Its simple to use and understandable.

I want a 100 slot server can I do this on a VPS with less than 4 GB ram?

No no NO! well, you can if you optimize everything and have it rebooting every 1 hour, but to be honest it would be really laggy and slow, You will need at least 8 GB ram for this to keep it running smoothly in any rate.

What operating system should I use for a minecraft server?

centOS, Ubuntu or openSUSE. Never use windows for a minecraft server. It will lag, it will have more issues, at least with linux the server itself will use less ram

Do we run anything else, are we looking into anything else?

JR is home to a very popular teamfortress 2 server with over 27,000+ players: pnx.jrnetwork.net/stats/hlstats.php?game=tf
We are looking into some other gaming servers, we are also testing some new games and we will release more about this later on but at the moment we will not be releasing any info on what we are doing ;)

What's happening to the website at the moment?

JR Network is at the moment rolling out some beta changes to its website, we are minimalising it and making it easier for users to nunderstand and make their way around.
It may have some changes and look issues but it will be fixed so don't worry about any bugs

I love how your login system operates for citizenship and VIP for minecraft but how does it work?

JR uses a plugin for bukkit called warrant. It works by checking the nmySQL database of the forum for the username, which then it checks whichn group the user is in and then it sends a signal to define the correct group.
It does this while it says logging in and it takes around 1 second.

What is your view upon griefing?

Griefing is a pain sometimes, but other times it can be funny, we are nlooking into something else to deal with griefing for our server to stopn users complaining but in my view I find many of the griefs funny.

What do you think of the community?

I love our community, they ar understanding and fun to be around. If nthere is meddaling it will be sorted, if there is issues, annoyance or nbreaking of rules it will be sorted out. We have a zero tolerance policyn on abuse and racisim for users on our system. We are strict upon our nrules but we can have fun and be nice ;) Follow the rules, you will be nfine as long as your not there to abuse the system.
That is how our community is so fun to be around. We make sure all the d***s are gone :)

Are you expanding JR?

Yes, we are expanding to many different areas. Every month I aim to get something else on the network/site to entertain users

Where else can we find JR?
You can find us at:

Minecraft TopList
Minecraft Forum

Well thats it, if you want to ask me a question, get help with managing your server or just general queries contact: jamie@jrnetwork.net
CreditJR Network http://jrnetwork.net/

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03/08/2012 12:44 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Bluey0611 avatar
Hi, I was wondering if you could give me some help. I just created a server for my friends and I to play on. At some point we want to open it up to the public, but first we want to download some mods such as /set home, /back, etc. The problem is, since I am new to the world of server and computer programming I have no idea how to do it. If anyone can please send me to a link or a video, guide, or just tell me themselves how to download mods that would be amazing. The biggest problem is that I have an iMac and only an iMac. So in conclusion, i need to download mods for a multiplayer 1.2.3 version of mine craft on an iMac. I am happy to give the ip to anyone who wants it once it opens. You can also email me at the servers email...


Thank you so much!
07/27/2011 11:50 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Crafter
kysanchez avatar
whats the rules on this server?
07/28/2011 5:17 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Cyborg
Rebel24 avatar
Respect the players and staff members equally
  • No bots, or scripts to aid cheating, to cheat or ruin other peoples gaming experience
  • No griefing, becoming mad, flaming or abusive comments
  • We have a zero tolerance policy on abuse and racisim, Remember don't even try us.

07/28/2011 12:15 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Crafter
kysanchez avatar
u lost me at"no becoming mad" what kind of shit is that? anger is a natural thing its pretty much impossible to not be mad if someone annoying wont stfu or somethin,or if someone had a bad day, and abusive comments?u cant even say(jokefully with a friend) "fuck you lol" to a friend who just made a funny gay joke?
07/28/2011 3:25 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Cyborg
Rebel24 avatar
We mean by that rule that for example a new person comes on and just basically says *f you* to all of the users, starts shouting, been abusive to members etc would be breaking the rules. Most of the time we know if users are having a bad day. We don't mind the occasional laughter on our server, We welcome it. We don't all abusive swearing but if you want to swear carry on.
Most users can normally control them selves and PM an admin before becoming mad and shouting at users, and if this occurs we try our best to find out what happened before we just ban, suspend etc.
07/28/2011 3:57 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Crafter
kysanchez avatar
Looks like I misunderstood. I'm gonna check out your server, and sorry if I sounded rude in the last comment,I haven't had the greatest day( my 5 yr old nephew will not shut up!)
07/29/2011 11:26 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Cyborg
Rebel24 avatar
Thats ok mate, and to answer your question on the server we are a survival server with a fun economy
07/10/2011 5:19 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
munpol avatar
A very nice FAQ Jamie :)
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