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My First Day In Minecraft Computer Edition

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avatar Hallowizer
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I had been playing Minecraft P.E. alot and was begging my father to get me Minecraft P.C./Mac Edition. When he finally did it, I started playing. I wanted to activate the nether reactor core. I had never done it. I searched nether reactor core and it wasn't there. Then, I remembered some mean kids said it was called a nether portal. I searched nether portal. It wasn't there. I couldn't place anything. When I tried to place, it just broke a block. So I dug a hole into the ground until I couldn't see anything. The only controls I knew were wasd as arrows, space to jump, and e to open your inventory. I didn't know how to change the hotbar slot or pause the game. So I just hit Command-Q. I started Minecraft again. I made a new world. In the world, I grabbed a diamond sword. I began killing monsters. I wasn't sure what gamemode I was in, so I avoided touching the monsters. I flew around, killing monsters and killing some that looked like they were on a date. I went inside a monster and I didn't get hit so I knew I was in Creative.

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  • KHD02
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  • August 4, 2015, 3:37 am
How are things going now?

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