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My Idea About Minecraft Bats

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KaiOceansword avatar KaiOceansword
Level 42 : Master Dolphin
Health: 3.5 Hearts, 7 Heath Points
Drops: Bat Tooth (Which can be used to craft Bat Tooth Necklace and Bat Tooth Sword) and 1 Experience Point

1. If a Bat was attacked it would either:
A) Fly away
B) Let out an ear piercing shriek that would warn other bats to fly away from the Player/Mob before flying away
C) Let out an ear piercing shriek that calls other bats to gather in a group and attack a Player
2. Bats attack by biting you which will deal Half-Heart damage per bite
3. Bats will avoid Lava
4. Bats may eat Cow or Pig
5. Bats will defend themselves from Hostile Mobs

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05/05/2022 11:17 pm
Level 21 : Expert Ranger
Greief avatar
Here's my idea: bats drop an item which, when consumed (If its like a bat wing or bat meat) gives you the decay effect, only seen on bedrock as a creative only item. You can make this into a potion for close up battles, or an arrow for long range kill.
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