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My Idea of PVP

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avatar eveeze
Level 33 : Artisan Robot
You can read this if you like. I had an idea of a pvp plugin that everyone would start out with 1 level.
When you kill another player you get XP and money depending on there level. If you are a high
level and you kill a low level you wont get very much money or XP. At the spawn of this map
there will be a shop and you can use the money you earn to buy different weapons or tools.
The world will be open so you can explore and build or fight. If a high level player with something
like a diamond sword keeps killing the low leveled players the low level people can start a vote kick
on the player who keeps killing them. When you die if your level is 20 or under you will not lose your
levels but if it is above 20 you will lose 5 levels or 1/4 of your money but your items are dropped.
Basically this is how it works: We have two players named Notch and Jeb, Notch and Jeb are level 1,
Jeb kills Notch and he is level 1 1/2, and he got $100, If Jeb kills Notch again, He will Be level 2 and
has $200, Jeb could go back and buy a wooden sword with his money and go and kill more people
and get more levels and money.

If You like this Please comment, subscribe and give it a diamond or Give any ideas of how it could be changed

10/30/2012 12:24 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Droid
I like it ... but it would be difficult to make
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