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My Life: Turtle Dew More Part 1

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avatar Turtle Dew More
Level 10 : Journeyman Cake
Hey guys, Jordan here! Today I'm doing a blog about.. my life! In this blog I will tell you about my first day of my life to age 14.  Let's begin!

 If you don't know who I am my name is Jordan Moore, please don't use my real name, I prefer Turtle, or Turtz. Let's get started! I was born in LA. As a kid I LOVED trains. I had pictures of them on my wall and I even got my parents to move into a house near a train station. About 2 years after I got into trains I actually started Pre-K. At this point I was starting to become the "skinny kid" of my grade. I was picked on because of it. So I decided to gain weight. That failed though, so I was, the "skinny kid" and still am today. Today I'm 14 and weigh about 120, pounds. I might be skinny but I still can survive 100+ bullets to the chest! (Airsoft) By first grade, I knew what I was doing. Stay below the popularity point just to remain safe. First grade was like a house of apes. I knew I had to stay below the radar or I would die, or come home with rabies. I have to thank my teacher, cause she calmed all of us down. And first grade..... was fun. Now though, I hate school.

 After first grade, I moved to second. This is the year, I met some really wierd people.... My good friend, Owen, was really tolerant to annoying people. Some people thought I was "stupid" but hey, Haters Make Me Famous. I'm not famous but I feel really good about myself and all the other things I've done in my life. At this age, we were all dumb, so don't be surprised by what I'm about to say. In this grade I had a girlfriend. And no, we didn't hug, or kiss, but we acted like we were dating. It's like my Best-Friend-That's-A-Girl.
I also made an enemy in this grade. Mason Burger. I hated him, he hated me. Nobody ever messed with me after I gutted, this kid up until the week after I started dating _____ but we'll get to that.

 In third grade I met somebody who is really funny, and awesome! His name is, Preston. I also met somebody named Alex, who is really cool too, but we'll get to him in a minute. Preston and I, will always play around with my good friends, Aidan, and Owen K. Yes. Two Owens! We always would do funny things on games... (Now) GTA: V, Call of Duty, Saints Row, Assassins Creed, and more. Alex, we would play Minecraft XBOX Edition (in 2012) with him, and there and then, the Poptard Server was born!

 Here in fourth grade is when I met my best friend. Aidan. I know this kid from head, to toe. I still mess with him, and Preston on XBOX. I prove to be mature online, but with Aidan, and Preston.. We goof off big time! My story will be getting shorter each year, cause every year, my life gets a bit more boring. This is also the year, where my good friend, Jack, got his XBOX 360. This was also the age I heard of a man name: Sonny Moore. Most of you know of him as Skrillex. I started off with the little songs, now I listen to good songs, and make them too!

 In fifth grade my life started to fall apart. I moved from LA, to PA. I knew nobody in Pennsylvania, so it was new to me. I had no friends through almost this whole year, up until I met somebody, who changed my life. His name is Bailey Hackman. He was like my wingman in those days, we would do anything for the other. I also started to play Baseball this year. I tried to do sports before that like Soccer, Basketball, Tennis (I suck at) and more. So Baseball was all new to me. I ended up being really good at it, and still play it today!

 This is the last year for part 1 of my life. Sixth grade was a bum to me. I met tons of people this year! I had all new friends like Micah, Bailey, Gavin, Cayden, and even popped some girls in our group every few days. The most known girl in our group was Maddy, she talked to us when we talked to her. Eventually, Gavin will ask her out. Cayden, was the smartest of all of us, and always will be. (You see, we were stupid.) I tried to get all of us in a group and add more people, including more girls. Well...... That didn't work cause we didn't find anybody that was good enough. That whole grade we had fun, and we were also class clowns!

 This is all for part one guys, leave a diamond and like this too! At 10 diamonds I will make a part 2! Love you all, peace out!

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