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1.In search for some diamonds

Woke up,this morning on the beach!Started walking,its my regular routine.I was on the search for some diamonds,let me,tell you,just,what i see,i saw a castle with the view,fields of bamboo,guy from kung fu,a giant screw,a kangaroo,some chickens too,and a woman,who lived in a shoe,i saw a white whale the holy grail,pirate ships with out a sail,air mail,volcano fail,pyramids not to scale and,some things,i should,go in to detail...
You`ll never know what you`ll find, shaping a world that`s in your mind,see for yourself,and walk with me.A world of
wonder,land and beauty,across the mountains and over the sea,but i,still haven`t found any diamonds!
I`ve been walking for miles,still no,diamonds, to be found,maybe i should look,Underground!
I started digging a hole,drillin` through dirt and i fell through!Landed in some water... what have i got myself into...
Saw a lava lake near the core,Kratos from,god of war,mushroom spore,liqour store,statue of,Dumbledore.
Wooden shed,with a bed,spiders,and the undead,arrow head,loaf of bread,giant spool of golden thread,
I saw a sparkle,in the dark,i put my axe right through that mark,at last i found me some diamonds!
Oh i`m so happy,i could ride, a pig!

2.Spiders(A minecraft parody of badgers)

Spider, spider, spider, spider, spider,

Spider, spider spider, spider, spider,

Spider, spider, Mooshroom, Mooshroom! X2

Spider, spider, spider, spider, spider,

Spider, spider spider, spider, spider,

Spider, spider, Creeper, creeper!

Spider, spider, spider, spider, spider,

Spider, spider spider, spider, spider,

Spider, spider, Aghhh look a slime,

slime, slime, oooo its a slime!

Magma block!


3.*Enderborn*song lyrics

Steve was his name
just a man from block land
he just dug, what he could
and hit wood with his hand
but he soon found out that he was much, much much more than a man

When he found a small cave
there was a strange tall man
he told Steve that he was
Enderborn, he must save
the world from the greatest threat it has ever seen,

"Now you must go to slay the Enderman
to collect ender pearls to fulfill the plan
destined to save the world from an ender dragon
and we'll see, on this day, that a legend began"

Steve now he knew
that he was Enderborn
ventured home made a sword,
and then left before dawn,
and he slayed Endermen until he had enough...

He searched far he searched wide until he found the Stronghold
so he could find the end and do what's foretold
used the pearls that he gained to open the door
to the end, save a world, that he cares so much for

Right through the door
was a world, filled with black
Endermen, they stood guard and prepared to attack
but he climbed the black towers and smashed the crystals

Dragon flies, dragon turns, then swoops down for Steve,
standing calm, cause he knows, he has a trick up his sleeve
swings his sword, like a Nord, on the dragons big snout
dragon turns, flies away, with a roaring loud shout

Dragon flies, dragon turns, swoops for one last fight
grabs his bow, cause he's pro, Steve hits him mid flight
dragon dies, dragon fades, said he glew like the sun
so its said, on this day, that a legend began

More coming soon! :D
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