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Helllo Why are you here. Thank you for reading my stupid blog life.

So when i first started playing minecraft was 2014 i was a nub like everyone was. I mean how would you know how to even move! So i was just going into a new world for survival and i did a survival for like 10 weeks and it was AWESOME! I killed all the mobs and stuff and it was amazing. So my cuz showed me my first server Mineplex (IP:us.mineplex.net im guessing) I spent 1 year on that server and it was nice! I got different ranks such as Ultra Hero Then legend. I burnt maybe 180 dollars on the server. It was the best and coolest server. I played with my friends and cuz and it was nice. but then... I got banned due to hacking (False) I had a broken mouse then and when i hold down the left click it auto clicks. I thought it was wild. So i applied SOOO many times and it was sad. i got declined like 10000 times and it was sad. So my friend showed me Hypixel (IP:us.hypixel.net im guessing) I thought.. It was awesome theyre Skywars! QuakeCraft VampireZ BlitzSG! MEGA WALLS!!! It was just. Paradise. Theyre was Roleplays such as Highschools To MagicHighSchools To Camps To MinecraftGotTalent To Youtubers housing! Mods Admins Are AWESOME I think this is way better then mineplex because it has not much games and hypixel has SO much Then i got banned.. Not permanent But for 1 month. Oh my lord it was boringggg. I waited so long then i came back. November. VIP+ for me :D. I had so much friends on it!

Well that is really my life on minecraft. very short but i hope u liked it

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