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My Minecraft story

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Makaneek avatar Makaneek
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This is the story of how I discovered Minecraft and stayed with it when the going got tough. I'd be interested in hearing your Minecraft stories, so leave them in the comments if you want to.
I first heard of Minecraft in 2013 or maybe 2014, when I saw the above video about it on youtube. I’m so glad I was able to find it. I’ve never considered myself a fan of Pat’s, but he deserves all the credit for introducing me to my favorite game. I was pretty young at the time, so after inevitably discovering Stampy’s channel, I quickly subscribed and learned absolutely everything about the game from his lovely world and quest videos, among others. Around that time, I started to play Minecraft at my cousin’s house and thus became accustomed to the controls and mechanics of the game. Finally, my mom said that if I memorized the Multiplication tables, she’d buy Minecraft for me. Then in February 2016, she bought Minecraft and I created my first world. I’ve been playing ever since, but there’s more to it than that.

This is also around the time I started homeschooling. I was indifferent to the timing then, but now I’m very thankful, and here’s why: It wasn’t too long after this that Minecraft began losing some of its well-deserved popularity from the changes to the combat system (changes I didn’t care about in the least.), and not too long after that, fortnite became a serious competitor. Now, I was never really into PVP games, and I likely never will be. I would certainly in no alternate timeline ever be a fortnite fan, but in retrospect, I am worried that had I stayed in public school, my interest in Minecraft might have waned. I would have still liked it, but likely only as one likes a pleasant memory. I frankly doubt my genuine enthusiasm for Minecraft could’ve survived fortnite's uprising, and that’s a scary thought. So yes, within the Minecraft player base, I am a proud superfan, one of the faithful, who stand strong with their game no matter the weather. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that most of a game’s cultural relevance comes from the casual fans, who typically care less about real meaning than hype and updates. If you’re a casual Minecraft fan, that’s great, have fun following the crowd, but I dodged a bullet once already, and I’ll stay where I am.

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02/05/2020 5:50 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
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My Minecraft story is quite different, I found out Minecraft around 2009-2010, It was late night and I was supposed to be in bed asleep, but I was watching my brother play Minecraft Classic, I was like "Wooow new lego game!!!" or something like that, I tried to remember the name of the game "Minecraft" Couple of days later my brother got full Minecraft- I started playing it immediately, my first night was terrible- I made a hole on a desert cuz' I was afraid of monsters, a couple of hours later I started to play on my brothers save- we were splitting up our base in half, since then I was in love with MC and still I am :)

Great post Makaneek

02/05/2020 4:14 pm
Level 43 : Master Answer
Makaneek avatar
That's a cool story! I thought it seemed like a Lego game at first too, but it's so much more, not to be hard on Lego.
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