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My opinion on Little Kelly and the other 'little' YouTubers... *groan* (WIP)

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Alright, I'll begin this with a little info-
There's a reason I haven't been active on PMC in a while. I'd like to say that it was the deep cancerous thought of my responsibility to make this, but it was probably me buying Monster Hunter Generations. If you're lucky I might make some MHGen stuff on here, but don't count on it. Today I will be covering the Little Kelly YouTube channel, not any affiliate channels. I looked for the oldest videos on the channel, but the first story-based one I saw was the typical first-attempt stuff- you see it with all gaming YouTubers. They start off mellow and calm, then slowly the ad-revenue or drugs of popularity gets to their head and they start talking like a 5 year old on hot kool-aid. I'd like to be fair to the people who make these, so I am choosing a recent series- 'Minecraft Royal Family'. Little Kelly's channel is only about a year old according to YouTube, so they should have had lots of time to improve... right?
That remains to be seen. I will only be covering episode one to begin with. It will also help to have read my aphmau rant/review thing, as I will be drawing parallels to that.

To begin with, this video has no intro, a start to a trend in this video of certain traits... Anyway, let's continue.
We are shown these two characters- Kelly and Carly. This series kind of assumes you read some wiki or something since the whole thing is like one huge dodgy RP with a thousand branches, so I don't really expect any proper introduction. The two are waking up- I think. They start talking like awkward french students in a way that two siblings would never do, at a pace that can only be designed for the modern attention span o- ooh look a butterfly!! I want it!




*cough* *cough* So yeah, the duo head downstairs in search of sugary trash to gorge on. They talk at a 3 word per second rate along the way about random unscripted things. So far this 'show' is doing worse than the first episode of Phoenix Drop High. And for the love of god that was pretty dodgy already. PDH's first episode introduced the school, the teachers (albeit in a cringe-worthy way), the bullies (ditto previous brackets/parenthesis, just add in a little cliché for spice) and other characters. This episode of Little Kelly has a grand total of 3 on-screen main characters, with one only mentioned. Once Kelly and Carly reach the kitchen they see [GENERIC VILLAIN] talking to their personal chef. They talk like [GENERIC VILLAIN] because they're a [GENERIC VILLAIN]

Now, I'll stop this here for now since I've run out of time. I apologise. It's really hard to do this.

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  • Lon_Island
  • Level 6
  • Apprentice Dolphin
  • January 27, 2017, 1:28 pm
Yeah... roleplays are cancer.
  • Foxtails13
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Engineer
  • January 15, 2017, 5:11 am
Exactly how I feel sometimes. If you're going to watch a Minecraft video, watch someone who does Minecraft properly, like MumboJumbo or xisumavoid.

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