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My opinion on Skindex

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avatar GamerRosalina
Level 40 : Master Magical Girl
So as you know I have a skindex account, which I inactive on for now. I probably wont come back till im in shape and doing better. Anyway i wanted to give my opinion on it.

The editor:

the editor, is really easy to use! It provides lots of easy features for beginners and experts to use! You can remove body part, mirror them, color pick, zoom in or out and much more! However, it has its flaws, such as it being glitchy, hard to pick colors, the redo button not working, or overlapping with another skin.

For people who use edits! It is great! You can download any skin in editor to use in game or just to save- it also has an upload button - and any skin you are working on that you downloaded- you can move into editor

Skin stealing:
By the time you get 100 followers- at least one of your skins probably got stolen- its very common and i have a post on how to catch stealers: https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/14159139/how-to-catch-a-stealer--beware--/
anyway it is a BIG problem on skindex- half of the skins you see are either stolen from skindex- or from another website- and there isn’t too much you can do about it. Besides reporting and blocking.


its kinda a gamble on who you will encounter- most skinners or big skinners are really nice! Others are very nasty and toxic. Or some are there just there to hate- but there are many amazing people out there and willing to be your friend!

The rules are good - just not enforced well- the people or mods- take a while to remove skins or people that break the rules-
Terms and service: https://www.minecraftskins.com/terms-and-conditions/
a lot of people either bend or completely break the rules. If you find someone who breaks the rules, confront them about it, then report and block.


You dont have too much freedom with this- the only thing you can truly edit is your ‘About me’ Everything is preset and cant be changed.

Likes and dislikes and comments:

You can delete comments, and the dislikes and likes system is really good.

anyway this is just a simple review, would I recommend it?

It depends on if you can handle 8-10 year old kids and a lot of drama.

05/06/2020 9:25 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Sailor
I think the WORST skin sharing site out there is skinseed. *shudder*
04/19/2020 8:02 pm
Level 44 : Master Lava Rider
Sinus Productions
I'm sorry you had to deal with that stuff on there. I'm glad you left, even if it's temporarily. I hope that our community here can help you feel better. I'm glad you got it all out in this review.
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