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my own thoughts and what to think about 21w09a (or any other snapshot that may like uhh dunno skip 20 numbers ahead)

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MaiDabVl8180 avatar MaiDabVl8180
Level 21 : Expert Explorer
well what i personaly thought is that they are going to update iron textures again
due to the lot of hate for the texture of iron ore of 21w08a

in content i may expect high limit expansion, new generation, or maybe the goats or they could update the dungeons or something else that i have not came with yet

(i doubt to the warden be added in the next snapshot because i have called to the warden appearing in any of the snapshots that have come out and in none of them appeared so my hopes in the warden being added in the next snapshot are low,)

i expect bug fixes like powder snow now melts in the nether, strays dosent get freezed to death now
or any other generation bugs

man i hope to the next snapshot have a lot of content
they have delayed the 21w09a two times so i hope to it have big stuff or else ill be "disapointed" (not that disapointed but ya know what i mean)

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03/04/2021 8:53 pm
Level 21 : Expert Explorer
MaiDabVl8180 avatar
and ps: idk if 21w09 has been delayed 2 times
or it was just something i just came with
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