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My plans for my MC skins and mob skins

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1 Why am I doing this?

I have no ideas for content.

2 What else am I re-doing?

Frisk (undertale)
Chara (undertale)
Spring Meifwa
Summer Meifwa
EnderFan: (aka the first skin I ever made)
Marceline (ver. 1)
Marceline (ver 2.)

3 What will I be doing in the future?

Here are my plans:

Fans of all Hostile/Neutral mobs (ZombieFan, CreeperFan, PiglinFan, etc)

Squidward but he's a villager.

Muffet from Undertale

Sans from Undertale

Undyne but a dolphin and a reg. skin

Papyrus from Undertale (you can see where this is going, right?)

Monster Kid from Undertale

Toriel from Undertale

Asriel from Undertale

Asgore from Undertale

Zuko from ATLA

Katara from ATLA

Aang from ATLA

Sokka from ATLA

Suki from ATLA

Toph from ATLA

The cabbage man from ATLA

Uncle Iroh from ATLA

Ty Lee from ATLA

Mai from ATLA

Azula from ATLA

Beat-up alex

Soul Sand Racer

Nether wastes Farmer

Netherite Skeppy

As you can imagine, I'm gonna be busy, given each skin takes about 3 hours to make. But let me know what skins you would like me to make!
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