MY POWER IS OVER 9000-A Drawing By me

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avatar BurningSkullz99
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Hey Guys BurningSkullz99 Here
Today i bring you my drawing of Vegeta
I Will take through the Journey Of me Drawing and How it Ended up like

Basicly This is a story/Article/Tutorial

First I Went And Look Up pics of Dragon Ball z And i tried Piccolo,And goku But Failed But then i had a go at vegeta

I Drew a basic Template and stuff first Then added details and stuff Like hair And Darker Outlines and it looked like this.

Not bad is it
Then i took it into Photoshop On my pc using this pic because my printer wasnt working So i used my phone.

I Added alot of detail and colours to Make it look like the picture i wanted(Shown at end)
And it turned out like this

Pretty neat huh
Then I thought it was amazing then i added something Awesome to it(look below or Cover)

Haha Quite funny huh
Well heres the image is used As a tmeplate

It took around a hour or too to make so Its good for what i diid

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Hope you guys enjoyed and Try and Hit 10 diamonds
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