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My Real Thoughts on the Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update Delay...

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Shireen's Avatar Shireen
Level 74 : Legendary Pokémon
The more I think about the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs delay, the more I keep thinking that Minecraft 1.17 is in the same place as Hytale and Anthem. The developers were way over their heads and the update is too ambitous for them.

Why did Mojang make 1.17 a Caves AND cliffs update?

Surely it would make more sense to completely overhaul the caves (the most fundamental part of Minecraft) and then do whatever else in a seperate update. The Deep Dark cave biome could also be it's own update with the warden.

I also think (and know that other people feel the same way) that Mojang have lost sight at what makes Minecraft such an amazing survival game. Instead of updating the functional/fundamental elements of Minecraft (caves, dungeons, minig and survival). They're focusing on things that should've even be in a game like Minecraft (Panda bears, foxes and parrots) that add nothing to the game. I understand that they care about the environment and conservation but I really hope they refocus, don't lose sight of what makes Minecraft such an amazing survival game and I do hope they refocus for future updates.

I still think that Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs was ambitious even before the global coronavirus pandmic. This is also me venting because I've been so excited, making videos and I'm so disappointed about the split update/delay. I understand but I'm really disappointed.

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Update #1 : by Shireen 05/02/2021 8:09:43 amMay 2nd, 2021

Corrected spelling mistakes and compared 1.17 to Anthem.

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05/12/2021 6:39 am
Level 1 : New Miner
isuke01's Avatar
I'm not sure what 1.17 brings. Goats and ores change for fortune? And nothing more?
05/19/2021 3:56 pm
Level 74 : Legendary Pokémon
Shireen's Avatar
Sorry for my previous comment, to clarify:
1.17 will add new mobs, blocks and vegetation.

1.18 will add the new cave generation, world height increase, world depth increase.
05/15/2021 12:35 pm
Level 74 : Legendary Pokémon
Shireen's Avatar
I can't tell if you're being serious or not but... 1.17 update (will) add new cave generation, world height increase, world depth increase and much more.
05/19/2021 1:35 pm
Level 42 : Master Magical Girl
Saisho's Avatar
nope, got postponed to 1.18 keep facts straight
05/19/2021 3:54 pm
Level 74 : Legendary Pokémon
Shireen's Avatar
Yes thanks for clarifying. I keep forgetting that 1.17 has been split into two updates.
05/02/2021 9:49 am
Level 29 : Expert Musician
Echo4Al8RexCoco's Avatar
I agreed until the part about Mojang losing sight of what the game is meant to be. You might be right, but Minecraft is more than a survival game. Yes, the devs still care about the survival gameplay and want to make it better. On the other hand, they want to spark creativity in people. And how do they do that? They do that by adding "useless" blocks and mobs. Also, may I point out that these certain mobs all have a use. One type of panda drops slimeballs, parrots can mimic sounds which is amazing for a harmless prank, foxes can be used to create farms, and goats can give you goat horns as well as create more farms. Every mov has a use, you just need to get creative enough to find that use. Without these seemingly useless mobs and blocks the game would lose it's life.
05/02/2021 3:05 pm
Level 74 : Legendary Pokémon
Shireen's Avatar
I agree that all of the new mobs have a use but I also think they weren't neccessary.

I also think the 1.17 delay has shown us that Mojang don't have the capacity to handle such a huge update and they still need to hire more people.
04/18/2021 12:16 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Zombie
PLEASEdeleteAccountNow's Avatar
I love your post and getting to read your opinion on the matter. 😄

Personally, I'd prefer to see it released as a single piece: ditch splitting it in half simply to have something speeded out to us, as I know that some of us would simply prefer to wait until the holiday time when the second piece is now planned to open.
04/19/2021 11:31 am
Level 74 : Legendary Pokémon
Shireen's Avatar
Thank you, I'm glad you like it! :)

I agree with you, I also would prefer Mojang delay the 1.17 update and release it all together during the Holiday season so we all have something to look forward to.
04/17/2021 6:30 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Network
Gamenight999474's Avatar
It might just be that because of the pandemic poeple are playing more and more games so will be really hyped so they want to make sure it is nearly flawless. And I think Ik why they keep adding things like animals. It’s to help add somthing to do. Jungles had 1 Mob the osalot. Ice bomies had strays. Banbo forests had nothing. They are adding new things to help add a reson for going to these places. Parrots I do tame late game. Polar bears I hunt for fish. Pandas for banbo. Foxes for items. They are adding new things to do resins to go places, not this is part of survival. Adding a new set of armor dose them so little good but it’s what everyone thinks they want (this is an example).